Q: Why are you doing this?

A: Because we believe it is a good idea, we know how it feels to be passionate about our interest. We do this to support those on a similar path, because none of us can do it on our own. We are inspired by the things people do, even in our own pursuits, so of course we want to support that people do things. It really helps us learn, we think we're helping people get noticed, and we know it helps people to be part of a network that wants them to succeed.     

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Q: Why should I become a part of Rhapsodic Global when I already have a like page and pages on other social media websites?

A: We feel that having a website is the best way to market your content online. Anything you create yourself is going to be a more accurate description of your work. That's why we encourage you to get your own website. You should keep using your Social Media Platforms to promote your website, but we want to promote your website specifically. If you're not ready for a website, we can combine all of your social media platforms on one customized page to be advertised by us and you.

     We get it a lot, people seem to have a lot of questions about our site. We're stoked that people have any interest in Rhapsodic Global at all, so we're fanning the flames with some necessary Q & A:

Q: And you don't sell information to advertisers?

A: True, unlike many other websites we do not make money selling the information of our network. Notice we have no advertising other than that which is related to the members of our network. Though our forums are established by a 3rd party, and still have advertisements at this time. We don't sell the information of our visitors and content, what you do on our website is your business to think about. All we sell is advertising space and services, our intention is to provide equal access.   

Q: How does Rhapsodic Global make money, how do I know this isn't some kind of pyramid scheme or phishing scam?

A: Your concern is understandable, but feel assured there is no reason to worry. We've put a lot of thought into this, we only ask for money when we perform a service or provide some sort of adequate trade.   

Q: How does Rhapsodic Global serve the community?

A: In a couple ways; first we encourage and bring attention to the productive things people do, then we create a space for people to share their goals and work together. That doesn't mention building people web pages, providing inspirational material, and collaborating with our connections to help them achieve their goals. 

Q: What does your website do? 

A: We promote the many amazing things people do, unlike other social media websites, we promote the business and arts of our members solely and right on our homepage. Plus we're constantly expanding our sphere of influence with community pages. 

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What happens if I build my own website after getting a custom web page? 

A: We transfer your domain name to your name, and you can use it for your new website after the very simple process. Long answer coming soon.