Starting in Del Norte County, California - we are teaching kids about the value of productive interest!

     If you want to teach kids about your business, contact us and we'll help connect you with a local school district. This is all part of a program we're deigning to help kids learn skills that are relevant to their community, thus they can help their communities grow when they are ready to join the work force. We're also training them to be self motivators, helping them discover their talents will encourage them into entrepreneurship!

We feel very seriously about privacy, we will never share or sell the information you provide us to anyone, with the exception of promoting your service or craft.

All volunteer applicants must pass a background check and be fingerprinted before working with school students.

We're looking forward to working together.

Ever wanted to teach kids about your hobby or interest?

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We're happy to help the kids learn skills that are relevant to their community

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