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Nomad's Tales

Nomad's Tales

Nomad's Tales
✨Photographer visited to ISCKON temple delhi | Travel Films |

✨Photographer visited to ISCKON temple delhi | Travel Films |

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I was also like my other guys of my group career oriented guy there were no signs of photography in my life my hobbies were hanging with friends, watching movies etc. Photography comes in my life much later. After i completed my higher studies i got a job and I have a day routine office to home and home to office.

Everything started when i bought a new smartphone back in 2016 and that thing change everything. The camera of that phone was pretty decent and I start taking random photos of things around me. 

I usually capture photographs in the scrap yard of my work place all i need just to launch the camera and mind start framing the thing around me automatically. When my colleagues saw photos that i captured for the very first time there reaction was like "WOW" buddy you nailed it. You should improve it and take it to next next level. Taking them seriously i started capturing more and more photos everyday and at the same time i also focus on editing part and i start improving my photography skills day by day.



Gear or Equips was never a constraint for me i took all my photographs on my phone and also edit them on same phone and as i was improving i sign up to some stock photography websites and start uploading my photos on them  and the response I got was insane but on that the only issue was I have no professional name to copyright my work So back in 2017 after thinking a lot I started my own venture as NK STUDIOZ.



Same year I start posting my work on social media and after few months as i improved my work the response of people and results were blown me away because other famous pages on social media started publishing my photographs on there page. And by the end of 2017 the moment finally came for what i started everything, And that was the very moment when people start me recognising as a PHOTOGRAPHER.


Thank you for your precious time. You can check my work on all social media platforms. I am giving the link of my social media profiles below. I hope you check them after reading my little start up story.


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I hope you like it. Once again thank you stay connected, See you soon with another exciting story. 


-Nitish Salgotra