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A poem about Letting Go

Writing always seems to help me in so many ways, mostly as an organization tool for self discovery. I know that past traumas have made it difficult for me, as the nervous system remembers reactions of the past as if they're necessary now. This poem should give me something to smile about, and keep me reconfiguring according to schedule.

I know I can get lost in the moment, almost running on auto pilot. In the process of increasing quality of life, it helps to make habits out of the task that shape our goals. That way we can rewire our brains, and feel the joy that comes when we accomplish a task over and over again. That is what I mean by letting go, in this moment.

It can be really hard to drop certain things that have happened over time. To realize that events may not always be connected exactly in the ways I may have thought. Never to forget, but to forgive and to live with no regrets. To see that each moment is an opportunity to start working in the right direction, I must not only be focused but mindful.

Thanks for reading my blogs!

Anthony DeLuca

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