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And I'm off to Tennessee!

I am grateful to announce that I've been donated a round trip ticket to see and blog about the CBD Hemp Farm in Tennessee! I've been entirely too busy to even open my computer for the last 3 weeks, which is why I haven't mentioned it. But now that I'm here all I can do is stay present. Literally, I have not been able to do anything but focus on what is happening directly in front of me for weeks it seems.

When I get to Tennessee I will see Jamie, a friend of mine who has been visiting me on the west coast for about half a decade. Jamie usually has some cool stones to show me from his travels, and lots of pictures. I'm really excited to see him, he's always been polite and respectful and I'm looking forward to see what life is like in his neck of the woods.

Thank you, Jamie!

I'm also very grateful to say that my Mom, her friend, and I visited the San Fransisco bay area last night. We had a great time, and met some cool people while playing pool table. It means so much to me to be supported as I start my journey. This trip wouldn't be the same without them. It is now my duty to share experience.

I chose to fly here on the 4th of July because my step dad came here with his family 40 years ago on this day. Our Grandfather Babajoon was born on the 4th of July. Coming to the US from Iran in the 80's, they had no idea that the 4th is Independence Day so when they saw fireworks from the plane they thought war was happening here too. So I had to see what fireworks looks like from the sky.

We also lit fireworks at the farm.

That felt like crossing a bucket list item off, seeing fireworks from the sky was my way of honoring my family. I'm going to post another video for you to see some good turbulence we experienced on the flight. I got some great cloud footage, and some videos of take off/landing. You'll have to go to the links yourself because I'm writing this blog on my phone right now. (I'll update the blog and site when I can.)

Finally landing in Knoxville, Jamie was there waiting to greet me. He's brimming with excitement, and has already told me a great bit of details about the farm. Jamie and his friend Brian are doing a lot of great things out here. I'm going to help with the farm giving feedback and extra hands, see a small business mall, and what I can already tell is a lot of other great things happening here.

I want to give thanks and praises to Jamie and Brian who brought me here. Jamie has already shown great hospitality, I feel ready to write several great stories this week. There will be plenty for me to do, and see. Please reach out to me if you feel there is anything you want to suggest. The ultimate goal here will be to create a new community page in Eastern Tennessee with a Connector and everything!

And if you can, please donate to the cause so that I can feed it back into the economy of productive interest. You can Venmo me @AnToneDL or donate to Rhapsodic Global directly through the PayPal button at the bottom of the site. As always, thank you for reading about productive interest on Stay tuned for more stories about a CBD hemp farm in the making, and the developing interest of Eastern Tennessee!

This is all I brought with me to Tennessee, sadly I need to go to obediance school before I can bring Trip, and I'll need to buy the ChulaMent a seat or build a badass case.

Check out Rascal the farm kitten


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