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I Pledge My Focus to Developing This Network as a PSA to my Personal Social Media Page.

I wrote this last night, slept on it and here it is.

I'm ready to change my social media focus to a more light hearted solution orientation consistent with the work I do in real life.

I know some of my friends on social media might appreciate some of my narrative dissecting, ranting and raving, voicing concerns over potentials and even some current events... But what I can see after working through all of that anxiety is that engaging those discussions was always really a means to an end.

And end that's only beginning, now becoming the new. You see in all of these things going wrong, there is a glimmer of light that comes with the spark of new ideas. Many of you may know that I've been obsessed with an idea for half a decade now.

I realize that often times during these hard political discussions, after criticizing or questioning something I return to my ideal scenario for which that possibility is what I'm really protecting. I want us to be able to express our highest passions, to use the internet to extract the knowledge that allows us to become truly resourceful.

I know that by creating a common interest in each others' success, we can.. I'm not going to say 'move mountains' because that is mostly a metaphorical saying. When we work together to celebrate our skills and talents, meet with like minds and create opportunities, when we use the internet intentionally to build up our communities - we can create the society we want to live in instead of having one forced upon us while our options dwindle to the comment and "react" routine...

That's why from now on I want to focus on building our social advertising network. I'm so ready to just focus on my productive interest; supporting small business, artist, entrepreneurs, writing songs and literature, good causes like food and energy, and hopefully to soon travel with a decent sense of where I'm going.

I think I've contributed enough to these discussions about political narratives, behind the scenes happenings, autonomy, human rights violations and who's invested in them.... If you really believe my input in those subjects is important, send me a message or help me share this post. I'll consider making a completely separate website to share privately with my peers who express an interest.

My solution is we're the solution, we get back in touch with ourselves and each other. We make good on our passions, and create something so legit that nobody can have anything negative to say about it. This is each of our responsibility, and a choice that increases the common wealth.

As a good friend said yesterday; "We're all adults our connections are not about domination, it's all about communication now." JS

I'll do my best, this is a public service announcement. I, Anthony DeLuca do not intend to share content on my social media about the deterioration of society any longer. From now on I will focus on sharing content to the url channels found in my bio, maybe posting every once in a while, fostering better relationships in real life, direct messages, and the occasional comment thread.

One love y'all, only love. Thank you for your continued support, it means a lot to me.

Three cheers for confidence!!!

Sincerely, Anthony Joseph DeLuca

PS - You know I'll be using to keep a catalog of all the cool things happening, reaching out to y'all through your websites.

This Thoughts & Blogs post was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be shared on, free of charge!


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