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Artist Story: Erik Hårdstedt with the Big Bang Gallery in Uddebo, Sweden!

Erik Hårdstedt showing off his newest painting for Anthony DeLuca and the Rhapsodic Global readers

Through the eyes of the artist, into the mind and onto the paper for all of us to enjoy. I've always had a tremendous amount of respect for the visual arts as it seems to me that transcribing visions on paper would take a lot of patience! After getting a chance to hang out with Erik Hårdstedt, I understand a little bit more that it often takes a lifetime of patience and presence to even develop the skillset for such a medium. And sharing Erik's story is a great introduction to our newest community page, featuring Uddebo!

Erik often draws what he see's and so his Big Bang Gallery showcases many images from the village. He paints primarily with water colors and as you can see, the intonations can enhance the imagery quite well. Above this paragraph we have two of the same images, except Erik's painting reflects the early spring and my photo shows the same area during mid-summer. Note how much more green on the trees there is this time of year, the seasons change quite significantly here in Sweden and Erik expresses this theme quite well!

I spoke with Erik Hårdstedt about his art journey, and learned that his interest in being an artist developed quite naturally over time. I learned that his Grandmother was also an artist who inspired him with supplies and encouragement. In grade school growing up there was an intrigue that mostly produced experimental self portraits and occasional art pieces. In Folk Highschool, Erik began to take his art more seriously but it wasn't until traveling abroad that he found himself exploring the artists lifestyle.

Erik Hårdstedt considers nearby Borås his hometown, though he travels frequently beginning his art j0urney in places like Tanzania and Malawi where he found himself doing more portraits of other people. This was when the concept of being an artist took root as Erik romanticized the concept of bringing cultures and communities together with his artwork. After traveling around Africa, Erik began journeying around India for many years before finding his second home in Gokarna, India.

While traveling, Erik Hårdstedt found his interest in the craft growing along with his skillset. Now he enjoys painting mostly with watercolors, and dabbles in song writing with his guitar. One of the first times I've heard about Erik, I was told he is an awesome guitar player and a wonderful singer. He's been making art pieces throughout his whole life, and writing music for the past five years which can be heard on Spotify or Youtube. It's always nice to meet someone who's explored themselves and shares what they find with the world.

Here in Uddebo, Sweden, Erik Hårdstedt is one of the pioneers who was here in the beginnings of what is now quite well known to be an alternative village full of festivities. Explore the area along with the rest of Erik's adventures on his website. I really enjoy Erik Hårdstedt's art for the surrealism, I see it as photo-realistic with a filter touch that brings out the beauty in what is seen. I'm inspired by Erik's story as I too wish to connect communities and cultures through my written arts, and I'm looking forward to sharing more about Uddebo in stories soon to come.

Here's a few images from Erik Hårdstedt to prime the excitement, see more on Instagram!

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