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Bad Therapist: Kickstarter Supports an All Female Lead Film Crew with Their Dark Comedy Film Series


A Female Forward Production Company

Last year when I went to Los Angeles to play a small acting role, I met a lot of great people who work in film. Film people are much like the independent freelancers I'm used to meeting at home; they stay up late and wake up early solving problems and using their creativity to get free. It's pretty cool that now after meeting film people in LA, I'm coming across new projects to share with our network.

I've met two of the people involved with Bad Therapist, Melissa Stenger and Ashlee Buchanan who both worked with Meal Ticket before. Melissa played a small acting role and was the right hand to the director/producer, and Ashlee also played a small acting role as well as procured one of the film locations. Both were great to work with, and obviously dedicated to film, so it's exciting to share their latest project!

Melisa was kind enough to provide some details for us found below, but I'll say that I think this series might become a good source of humor for those who watch it. I really like the idea of a dark humored take on all the problems one might seek a therapist to resolve. It also feels great to support a female forward production company, at this moment there are only 30 days left on their kickstarter so please do consider donating!

TV Series by Sweet Basil Productions and Be Free Films

LOS ANGELES, CA, September 14, 2021 - Sweet Basil Productions and Be Free Films will present Bad Therapist Kickstarter Campaign, taking place online via the Kickstarter website Tuesday September 14, 2021, and featuring a unique opportunity to support a Female Forward Production Company and production team.

Be Free Films is proud to bring Bad Therapist to and it will commence from Tuesday September 14, 2021 until November 13, 2021. This is a campaign to raise funds to film a Dark Comedy TV Pilot which addresses mental health, alcoholism, addiction, recovery, self-love and self-acceptance. Cast already includes former Disney Channel star Steven Anthony Lawrence (Even Stevens) and Gretchen German (Will & Grace) plus many rising stars in Hollywood.

To donate to this project please visit The goal is to raise $35,000 for filming and another $15,000 for post-production. The pilot is to be shot in and around the Los Angeles area the first two weeks of December 2021. There are multiple tiers offering various rewards for donations including Cameo messages from Steven Anthony Lawrence and walk-on Co-Star roles in the pilot. All money raised will go directly to production costs, paying the actors, the crew which has a female at the head of each department, and post-production.

To Donate Please Go To The Link Below:

This promoblog was written by Anthony DeLuca of, contributed to by Melissa Stenger, and donated to be shared on!


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