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Beachcomber Bayside, CA let me play a ChulaMent Exhibit

Once on a Friday afternoon I stopped by the Beachcomber Cafe in Bayside to tune in about my Saturday debut. A few weeks ago I was invited to play music there by a friend. The Beachcomber Cafe is a quaint place with positive ideas decorated onto hand painted signs, and locally grown food served with a casually health conscious vibe. All the guest seem to be familiar with the owner and staff, who are all friendly and polite with me.

They have two locations, one in Trinidad and one here in Bayside. I met the owner Alice, who seemed pretty comfortable allowing me to bring my random unknown instrument to play. Being that this will be my first time playing the ChulaMent in a public eatery, I'm pretty excited. Here is a picture of my setup, hopefully this won't be the last time I get to play out!

They have organic coffee, and the food was delicious. I've eaten there three times now. I tried one of their kieshes a few days before the show and it was great. On Saturday's, the day I played, they press waffles featuring both sweet and savory options. I got the sweet waffle with yogurt instead of whip cream, and it was great.

To be honest, I was expecting people not to like my ChulaMent play. Surprisingly they didn't seem to hate my music!? Instead I felt welcomed, and accepted as a strange new experience. People would listen while reading, a couple of them said hi and one even filmed me play. Below I will provide a few pictures from around the cafe, and a video of me playing. I look forward to more experiences at the Beachcombers Cafe, and you should too!

Thanks to the Beachcomber Cafe for having me, and you for reading my blog!

This promo blog was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be shared on, free of charge!


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