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Come See What's Cooking @TheKitchenArcata

The Kitchen in Arcata, CA, presents a very simple fresh and affordable new style to dining that's both fun and fulfilling. Eating at The Kitchen is fun because you never know quite what you're going to eat until you show up and see what's on tonight's menu. They call this the "Special-of-The-Day" restaurant model, whereas only serving one complete meal option a day allows for the freshest seasonal dining experience possible.

"By serving only one dish per day, full attention can be given to the conception, construction, and completion of that dish." The Kitchen Website

I'm here regularly at The Kitchen now, so far each time is incredibly satisfying. My favorite thing about eating at The Kitchen is how I feel the next day, which is more than likely a result of eating high quality, locally sourced ingredients. My favorite meal so far was a nice earthy Quinoa salad with Chioggia Beet slices each dolloped with pesto, though the French Dip was a close contender. Tonight(4/5/22) we're having linguini and clam sauce, I'm stoked!

We can see each days menu item after 3:30PM on their Instagram, @TheKitchenArcata, so be sure to give their page a follow. On their website it explains how they've worked in restaurants their whole life and how they intend to remedy all of the calculable errors that hold most restaurants back. They're able to serve quality dining at affordable rates because we're paying for the food, minimal costs and no lack of excellence.

I can say with confidence that there is no other dining experience in Humboldt quite like it. Come to The Kitchen in Arcata to discover new types of food, have a drink with some friends, and to feel good about supporting local food vendors. Then keep coming back for the family atmosphere, and the knowledge that whatever you're going to eat it's going to be great, as a reminder that Humboldt County has fresh and available food that's impossible to beat!

A few friends and I have been getting to know the owners Jacob and Joseph. They know what their doing in The Kitchen, sourcing from Farmers Markets and serving a modest 20-30 plates a night, which means you're going to want to get there around dinner time to be sure not to miss out! Restaurant hours are as of now posted Tuesday through Friday from 5 - 8 PM. But we're working something out to keep The Kitchen open on the weekends with expanded hours!

We hope to highlight The Kitchen in Arcata as a place for talented chefs to get their shot at providing their favorite dishes, with a ‘soft opening’ this weekend... We'll be able to continue promoting local as we step up to help open this restaurant for everyone during the weekends. There's a small group of us now discussing these plans with the owners, who've been more than accommodating and supportive. The vibe is right, come out and enjoy some good wholesome food, and save some room for even more new dining opportunities to come out of The Kitchen in Arcata, CA!

This promoblog was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be promoted on!


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