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Commercial Free Listening Experiment 5/16/2021 *Sneak Peak at Dope Logic EP ChulaMental Psyche Metal

I do not own the rights to any of this music (with the exception of "Axion by AnTone Dope Logic which is the 7th song on the playlist.). Click the song title on the top left of the Youtube widget to learn more about the song on Youtube, or find the artist website to support them directly.

Here we are another week passing by, another playlist to share on To be honest there's a lot that I don't feel like talking about but it's almost as if I have to, otherwise I will keep burying myself deeper away from practicing my due diligence. In the short scheme of things I admit that I am growing tired in many ways still; the only answer is to continue working on being the change I wish to see in the world.

A deeper look into my character will show that somewhere in me is a self righteous judgmental person who will do anything for the people I love, even if I'm not always expressing approval. I don't know if a lot of people can relate with this side of me, but even deeper than that is the truth. I really believe in devoting my life to service as long as it is based in my own free will. Over the years I have discovered the value of being helpful wherever I may be.

Then there is this strange feeling I've had throughout most of my life, that maybe I love communication and have a gift for eloquence. I am blessed with a large frame, and I am to put it simply loud. When I was young I told myself that my purpose is to communicate a message in such a way that anyone can understand. Now that I'm older I've learned this message is basically that everyone has their own message, all of our stories are valid.

Somehow my beliefs have grown complicated as I fell in love with rap music, then found my voice only to decide I didn't believe in branding my name or creating merchandise. I fell into a rut thinking there is no reason to share my music, maybe it's just for me since I enjoy doing it either way. I was once told that someone might be out there looking for my message, and that was right before coming up with the idea to create Rhapsodic Global.

The beginnings of this journey can be marked with the release of Rhapsodic Global the song, produced by Jason Mullan aka isoTope. I spent over 8 months writing the lyrics to this song after returning home from an internship and taking business classes. Funny how I seem to take my sweet time creating the things I'm proud of. Even funnier how I justify the length of my creative process by noting that my Mother took nearly three days to birth me.

Lately though I've been a bit distracted by current events in the world, for the most part shirking my homework. I reel from the cringe intensity of a divided public, and worry about current and potential upcoming events on a daily basis. My messages have become warnings about technocracy and reminders of past political hypocrisies. I campaign to convict human rights criminals along with antitrust law violations, in my personal life.

I attempt not to let the woes of the world rule my thoughts by maintaining a presence with whatever I'm doing, or with socializing and taking my dog outside daily. Sometimes I end up avoiding my homework with "study" as I read about current events. I attempt to spread awareness of events that have come to pass on social media. It seems I've picked up the internet habit; it's possible all of this sometimes disturbing content is stifling my creativity.

I am so grateful that those who know me really trust and appreciate me enough to give me good references, and to seek out my presence in their projects and leisure activities. Those who believe in me give me the confidence to keep showing up day after day as myself, the only person I know how to be. One thing though that bothers me deeply, inextricably tied to all of my misfortunes is my struggle to focus and stay consistent.

This is slowly changing...

When I was young this problem manifested in my disorganized backpack, leading to forgotten homework and missed deadlines. Luckily I was able to pass most of my classes based on test scores and attendance, which weren't amazing but good for the most part. Thankfully for my awareness now, there was a time when I managed to rise above my own shortcomings elevating my ability to apply myself while enjoying life in the process.

All that was really different then is that I not only believed I could do anything, but I was willing to challenge and prove it to myself. I could drop and do one hundred pushups at any given time, achieve a 3.95 grade point average despite choosing hard classes, and sustain a full time job with all the love in my heart to share with the world. That was the year 2008, I was 18 and it almost seems like a blur now because a lot of it was.

Yesterday I came to an important realization. I spent all day helping others and it felt great, I was in a good mood and didn't waste a single breathe. There was too much action to really think about anything irrelevant, all I could do was remain present working towards the common happiness of those I hold close. This was the solution I intended to write about, but at the end of the day I was out of energy and could barely put my thoughts together.

I woke up this morning ready to rush into my homework, then fell back to sleep and slept hard. When I woke up again I was much more clear headed, turns out I needed the rest. I realized that not only must I maintain my focus on helping others as I have already known, but that I must make time for myself and all the things that make life wonderful. Even as I write this, I am getting excited to practice the Rhapsodic Global song on the ChulaMent!

I would post the Rhapsodic Global song practice session here, but I think the original produced by isoTope is better, so check it out on Soundcloud. I'll end this post by saying that I'm grateful for everyone that allows me to share their promotions on Rhapsodic Global. I appreciate all of you who believe in me and accept me for who I am. I will again prove to myself that my dreams are not only obtainable, but that I can make a difference.

As always, please consider joining me in supporting this network as it takes a life of it's own.


PS - The final song in this weeks playlist is a rough draft version of one my own songs called Axion by AnTone Dope Logic. This will be the second track in a EP I'm creating with the ChulaMent called ChulaMental Psyche Metal.

This Thoughts and Blogs post was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be shared on!


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