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Commercial Free Listening Experiment + Journal Entry 4/28/21 - Personal Update Poetry

It's been a few weeks since I've shared a Youtube playlist here for commercial free listening. I feel like giving a personal update on what I'm thinking and doing, songs in the works, and my goals for this summer. After a fairly smooth winter I've experienced some spring love blooming along with new opportunities. I'm seeing myself transition in many ways into a more grounded person, with different desires and insights.

I hope you'll appreciate the vague way I intend on writing this, because in a lot of ways I don't like to discuss my personal life. I frequently keep my internet ramblings disposed to current events, the slow erosion of our rights, and of course the one size fits all solution that I have become obsessed with over the years - sharing productive interest. This blog started out as a long essay, then edited and determined to be too all over the place.

Once I realized I could condense the entire essay into rhyme, I felt a burden lifted off of me knowing that this is why I write in the first place. I put out my thoughts in a intentional manner and then figure out my feelings through the act of reading and thinking about what comes out. I have had so much to unpack in my mind recently, it's been hard to start writing about anything without wanting to get into every relevant detail.

Much like writer's block, I found myself wound up unable to untie the knots in my emotions. I do have such grand plans for this summer, and a renewed faith in seeing how far I've come. I see structure and transition on the horizon as I pull myself into a new summer with new desires and lessons learned. I figure the best way to beat my writer's block and ride this wave is to free flow release, condense, and repeat each segment later.

What I mean by that is that I've written below 21 paragraphs about my feelings and plans, then I condensed it all into rhymes and lyrics. This helped me get everything out in a way I can share that isn't just rubbish and boring. I enjoy the challenge to read a bunch of sentences and find the best way to say what I was saying in rhyme. I love writing lyrics, and I hope that this blog helps me keep the juices flowing.

Enjoy! The playlists are at the bottom.

(condensed from 21 paragraphs..) lyrical pros form..

Let me start with this,

I'm grateful that Rhapsodic Global exist, all of our connections are legit.

Getting better at promoting, custom webpages, and more experienced.

Smooth winter into spring love as above so below my goals and soul are lit.

Best of all is that we get to be together and celebrate our independence.

That could be said for almost every connection,

these days we need each other more than we need cell phone reception.

Pandemic proof, productive interest is the truth.

No matter what happens we keep our tools in use.

Peace to those who've fallen, I just hope these goons don't do us all in.

Though the Bill of Rights protects my speech, I choose to keep this sweet.

Time keeps on as will I and oh how it fly's, change is in the air.

How I grew to be, working seasonally, but always in a hurry through the flurries.

Lessons and efforts for I scurried for the best or lesser.

And now I'll have a schedule about to reach another level.

Transitioning into structure should be more productive.

Increasing all productions, energies more conductive.

Wonder what I'm getting from this, living a life of service.

It's the place I need to be with my friends and family.

Building tools to keep myself focused, building something to get noticed.

I want to be where the growth is with others who's hearts are open.

This is where we can share our projects and give each other props on progress.

Somewhere that I built where I can be myself and rock lyrics like Dope Logic.

And I'm here to share it all, those who align let's stand tall and live a good life.

Make the world a better place with an idea, a service or a rhyme, do what feels right.

I got a song about social media with so much to unpack it's like writing an encyclopedia.

The first release of an EP called ChulaMental that sounds some type of psyche metal.

Turn heads cause our efforts deserve some credit, some even say someday we'll be paid

and right now that sounds prophetic but one day to be expected.

The gains will be for the collective, all of our families can reflect on callings that we live for

as our networks mission to give more turns out to be a big score.

All of our stories are worth sharing so be daring, best believe you'll see me caring.

I found a love growing, seeds sowing as I see her a teacher and a healer.

We have a peace and decency, and I appreciate how she treats me.

She's got a cat; they're both sweet to Trip, all four of us make a dorky pack.

Life has it's adventure and our time is now, to be ourselves and know what we want.

Being in it together yet independent all part of the balance

and natural happenstance in dance.

Being close to her offers new perspectives which is good for growth,

she supports my goals and knows I have the most appreciation.

The support goes both ways and we can talk to each other.

So I share a toast to show a moment in celebration

for the greatness that truly comes from being thankful.

It's taken 30 years full of fate to get here and my faith is clear,

that everything in it's place it happens as we drum our pace.

All this brings me to bring up my best self, with the music I excel.

My original instrument the ChulaMent I'm slappin with with it's sticks, rappin'.

Sensations a communication from a higher station known as sound.

And my ChulaMent was out of commission so I fixed it, it feels profound.

Enhanced my mood and the design at the same time,

I'm awake day and night because I can't wait to rhyme.

And how I write, I'm nearly finished with 'Sound Mind' the first track to

the first release of The EP to be known as ChulaMental Psyche Metal.

There are things I need from myself to increase my health and wealth.

Happiness makes for moral for accomplishment of all my contributions

to all the things I find to be solutions. Attitude says let's do this.

As I've said before that not only on whiteboards, I must keep a running list..

Just get it and get it, I stay on top of my plans when I write everything, like this.

Because that's what it's always been about to let my thoughts out loud and out.

Find my feelings for what they are as my eyes are gazed upon the stars.

To create a place inside that holds a light outside alive and well while I write

my wrongs to right and design a life I'll find meaningful and well lived.

Productive interest is the stage where I will honor my creations, and

make attempts to help people from every nation with Rhapsodic Global.

So I say this, do everything that feels like it's good for your soul.

You and me and we can all be whole, I believe with no toll that isn't worth the hull.

How can we expand upon our vision and let our passions become a bigger part.

To find the way like the sage we'll take to our arts and reflect upon the arch.

Please understand that the path of duty requires dually that I do these things.

To take my dog outside so we enjoy our life, work as much as I can

but give time for inspiration to strike.

So I stay away from social media until I have something to share.

I stay in the moment as much as fair and never split a hair when I can

stand up and raise my head past the glare to see what's there.

Okay okay, that's enough of that.. I had to do it though so I could share what's been on my mind in a way that is simple and not too deep.. I've had so much on my mind that it's been hard to put it all together, as you could probably guess while reading all that. It basically boils down to this, I have some serious goals that will take serious balance, and I appreciate my life enough to pay it forward and honor my gifts in the process.

Even if I just make an effort not to go onto social media until I publish content here to share there, it would make a big difference for me. I pledge actual thought into the content I create, to craft it together with the tools I have such as this website built to support creativity. When I spend time reflecting with literature, creating by myself or with others, I generally feel more composed and consistent with my progress. So please consider sharing with me what you're working on so I can write about it here!

You're all invited to go to our Join page, click where it says "Promotional Request Form" and fill out the form with your most recent project so that I can add you to our network. Rhapsodic Global is all about sharing your business, arts, music, hobbies, services, studies, causes, and more. Basically if you love what you do and find it to be a productive use of your time, I want to meet you. I want to help share your story and support your growth by connecting you with like minds and opportunities.

As a Connector, I am learning how to perform a range of different services that have to do with promoting and general pointing people in the right direction or providing feedback for what they're doing. I believe that every story we share increases the amount of opportunities for all of our connections on this site. In time people will know they can look to Rhapsodic Global for good local connections. People may even choose to scroll our site for content that inspires them to do something productive!

Thanks for reading about productive interest on Rhapsodic Global.

Enjoy the various commercial free playlist available below!

(Must listen on this page to bypass commercials.)

I do not own the rights to any of the music below. Find more information about the artist by clicking on the song name at the top left of the Youtube widget.

This Thoughts & Blogs post was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be shared on!


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