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Jason Minoia has been involved in construction and home maintenance for 25 years working all over the East Coast, sometimes mentioning in reverence a master carpenter who taught him much of what he knows. Eventually Jason moved out west to Humboldt County where he started offering his services locally to the Eureka, Arcata, and Mckinleyville areas. As of now Craftsmen Home Services has built an extensive list of happy clients who provide Jason as a good reference to their friends and associates.

I've had the personal pleasure of working for Jason, the owner of Craftsmen Home Services, home maintenance and remodeling expert. Knowing that I have a vision with this website, he gave me the honor to create a custom webpage ad for his business and help with marketing. I went to work on Jason's webpage knowing this is my opportunity to promote a true winner, and that his business deserves a genuine ad campaign. Not only is Jason Minoia incredibly well versed and professional, he is also reliable and consistent.

Jason uses the best equipment and applies his knowledge in such a way that he can teach someone like me how to do the job right. With so many happy clients, it's become necessary for Jason to hire the best people that he can find to keep all of his clients happy. And much to his delight, Jason's got a great team who delivers professional results along with his seasoned guidance. It really feels good working with the right tools, and knowing how to do a job simply because I was shown exactly what to do.

It's not just that Jason is a great craftsman, he has a true work ethic as he shows up on time every day with everything he needs. Without excuses, you can always count on Craftsmen Home Services to conduct excellent business and build quality results. Their portfolio is huge, and the jobs they can do range from simple home maintenance and repair to building entire decks and add-ons or more. It's always satisfying seeing how happy Jason's clients are with the work we do, and in the time I've moved into doing promotions I hear nothing but positive feedback from people who use Jason's services.

Working with someone like Jason inspires me to do my best, knowing he won't accept mediocrity ensures that I give 100% effort so that I can also be proud of my work. I see it in the people he works with as well, all love and positivity for earning a happy honest living. There is no building problem that Craftsmen Home Services isn't capable of solving. If there ever were, as I once witnessed we found a plumbing job fit for a plumber and Jason being honest to boot, he referred his clients to the right person without hesitance.

I know that working with Jason is great for the development of my character as I set the foundation to build upon my goals. I will always without doubt give him a great reference, knowing that his clients are going to be happy with the results. Help me get the word out by sharing this promotion with anyone who needs help with home maintenance, remodeling, and repair. There are photos and Jason's contact information along with services offered, all listed on the Craftsmen Home Services custom webpage.

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