Custom Webpage Ads

Designed to share your business, arts, services, hobbies, and productive interest. Each custom webpage is unique, tailored to each clients needs by a connector of their choice. At the bottom of each custom webpage there will be a note that specifies which connector created the page, and if it is sponsored or donated.

Connector's set their own prices, and find their own clients, they run their own business meaning that their prices are negotiable in most cases. I personally have given away plenty of free promotions, and usually consider optional donation on the table, but I think $150 is fair. Still, custom webpages are significantly less expensive than maintaining full website.

There are many benefits to having a customized webpage on Rhapsodic Global, including but not limited to the extra promotion that comes with being a part of our normal promotion schedule. Your page can share the information you choose, arranged to your liking. We can add music and video player widgets from other social media sites, create forms, tell your story, there's a lot that can be done with the internet as our resource.

We're here because we know the value of having our own dedicated space online. Sharing pages from our website is our way of getting the message out. Creating our own website is the best way to protect the freedom of speech, and the free market. I hope that Rhapsodic Global custom webpage ads can be useful for people from all different walks of life and business.

I appreciate every opportunity I can get to help other people promote their business, and I realize the best way to promote our custom webpages is to share them as they are created. It just happens to be that working on this site motivates me to not only pursue my own interest, but to encourage others to do the same. So count on me sharing more custom webpages.

You will see a collective portfolio of custom webpages grow on our website. We'll be launching unique campaigns to increase the variety of connections we promote. It's only a matter of time before another connector joins the site, giving our guest another voice that supports their inspiration, also increasing the variety of content we can share.

Custom webpages are fun, and they run a mutual benefit for everyone associated with our site. Using one of our pages to share your business art or service increases the chances people will see your community, and all of our connections. Everything about our site is designed to get people thinking about their goals, witnessing each other and working together.

If you are interested in supporting our website, please allow us to support you by getting your own custom webpage or promotion. Note that connections now have the option to remove the site header and footer from their page. Below you will see links to two custom webpages that I've made for myself here on Rhapsodic Global, stay tuned because there will be more.

Click "Join" and choose one of the forms to start the process of connecting with our network, a connector will contact you to discuss further details.

Thank you for your continued support!

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