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Humboldt CBD; Business Listing For Sale!

I am honored to share with all of you a great business opportunity for the CBD (Cannabidiol) enthusiast looking to gain footing in the industry. Humboldt CBD of Humboldt County is internationally recognized for it's superb CBD flower and tinctures. What began as a community movement to supply medicinal relief for those in need during the prop 215 era has grown and evolved from pioneering into historic, with room to grow.

Humboldt CBD is a dignified grass roots company with dedicated teams, vendors and a storefront, for the entrepreneur who believes in supplying high quality medicine can rest assured that all stations are well covered. I spoke with the current owner, Josh Hanna who let me know that he'd be willing to help the new owner catch up to speed but the business remains operating with steady profits. Ideally we can find the right person for Josh to pass the torch, someone who believes in Humboldt County!

Josh came to Humboldt County when he was a teenager - with a passionate interest in learning how to cultivate cannabis. In the year 2014, Josh was first introduced to the famed local strain bred by Lawrence Ringo - "Sour Tsunami" and was blown away by how well it helped him manage chronic pain and anxiety from a spinal injury. Sour Tsunami is the worlds first CBD dominant strain to be feminized and grown for consumption, originating in Southern Humboldt along with the CBD movement.

Humboldt CBD acquired the genetics for Sour Tsunami along with Harle Tsu, which is the first strain to have >.03% THC, and refined their mission to provide medicinal relief into a well oiled machine. Their storefront offers cannabis infused yoga, biohacking, events, virtual reality, and massage. And refined product, never using toxic solvents and only extracting from supreme organic flower to get the full spectrum of cannabinoids creating the entourage effect. I myself use their CBD tincture to alleviate frequent head aches, and it works!

Josh may be moving on, closing one chapter of his life and opening an opportunity for the next person who is dedicated to the medicine movement. But Humboldt CBD is staying right here in Humboldt County with their store front in Arcata, CA. Having a storefront open creates the path to opening more so anyone who's interested in purchasing the business should consider starting a franchise, and spreading the Humboldt County hospitality! You can build on the amount of services you offer along with your tried and trusted brand CBD.

Whether you want to own a business well rooted in the Humboldt County way of life sharing quality medicine with those who need it, or you want to share our home with the world by creating a wellness and hospitality franchise, Humboldt CBD is your open door. Starting a business can be difficult, but finding a good one that's already doing well and up for grabs is rare. We are all lucky to witness such a rights of passage, and someone will be stoked they answered the call when they see how many people they'll be helping.

It is my honor to help get the word out, please contact Sandi DeLuca at (707)834-0365 or Michael Monaghan at (707)496-0669 for full details and price when you're ready to talk about acquiring Humboldt CBD the business, and location. Below I have some pictures of their branding and storefront, plus a list of current vendors. Their Facebook page is currently active, and they are offering free delivery plus a 25% discount to anyone in need during the shelter in place. It was a pleasure speaking with Josh earlier, I hope the best for him and Humboldt CBD as time comes to pass!

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Humboldt CBD is currently being sold at all of the following locations: (There is room to add more!)

Wildberries Marketplace (Arcata, CA)

Arcata Co-Op (Arcata, CA)

Eureka Co-Op (Eureka, CA)

Grow Active Solutions (St. Louis, Missouri)

Murphys Market (Sunny Brae, CA)

Murphys Market (Westwood, CA)

U.S. Cryotherapy (San Francisco, CA)

SUNNYY (San Francisco, CA)

Murphys Market (Eureka, CA)

Murphys Market (Trinidad, CA)

Murphys Market (Glendale, CA)

Humboldt Herbals (Eureka, CA)

LA CBD (Los Angeles, CA)

Pharos Athletics (Los Angeles, CA)

Joshua Tree Health Foods (Joshua Tree, CA)

Solutions Arcata, (Arcata, CA) 

Zen (Arcata, CA)


Bella Jo Beauty Supply (San Diego, CA)

River Song (Willow Creek, CA)

Satori Wellness (McKinleyville, CA)

Woah Clothing (San Diego, CA)

Thank you for reading about productive interest on, always.

Anthony DeLuca

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