Humboldt House Painters - Now Booking Clients for August & September!

You may have been introduced to Jason Minoia in a recent blog about his craftsmanship business. Well now Jason has started a new business! Humboldt House Painters does what you might expect from the name, they paint houses inside and out. Humboldt House Painters is already booked June through July, and is currently meeting new clients to schedule for August. They paint commercial/residential, staining decks and fences, texture painting, removing old paint and much more!

So far, Jason's been meeting clients in person and making excellent bids. I imagine the prices are great because slots are filling up quickly. It's worth noting that Humboldt House Painters can paint inside year round, but as we all might know outside painting must be done during dry weather. Really painting only covers the surface of the work Jason does, looking deeper into Jason's work you will find that he's a handy builder with a vision to provide professional services to Humboldt County homes.

As I've said before, Jason uses the best equipment and a lifetimes worth of experience to achieve quality results. I'm excited for the opportunity to help get his new business started, and Humboldt House Painters is a hit so make sure to contact Jason now if you want to get your house painted. You can learn more about all the things Jason and the Humboldt House Painters do by visiting their custom webpage, or contacting Jason yourself through the phone number provided below.

Jason Minoia, (707)630-2577

As always, thank you for reading about productive interest on Rhapsodic Global. I hope this blog finds you well, and that you're able to get your house painted this summer because you went ahead and contacted Jason, now! If you're still not convinced, you can read about my personal experience working with Jason on the last blog I wrote about Craftsmen Home Services. It gives me great pleasure to seek out and promote the best people who will help my community grow, so keep tuning into Rhapsodic Global with your support!

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