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Nomad's Tales - Introducing Nitish Salgrota from Jammu, India.

It is with great honor that I introduce to our readers at Rhapsodic Global, our first Connector besides myself who will be sharing content from his travels with all of us. Nitish aka NK and I have been friends on social media for so long it practically feels like we know each other in real life. He reached out to tell me he is reviving his passion for photography and travel, and I requested to make him a custom web page.

We're just about finished making his page, this will be the first blog in NK's own personal category on our site. He will be able to post blogs from his phone, and videos to his youtube, then everything will automatically sync onto his webpage. All of our readers can find NK's work on his own unique category in our blog feed, Nomad's Tales, we hope he will also share stories about the communities and connections he makes along the way!


Here is what Nitish wrote, for which I copy pasted here:

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the official blog of Nomads's tales. My name is NK and I am a photographer and travellvlogger from jammu. I started my venture Nomad's Tales back in 2019 and since then I am regularly working on it to make it better day by day. You can check my work on all social media platforms with same name and soon i am going to continue my travel films series "Living the dream" on youtube. Regarding photography so i usually capture nature, landscapes and urban architect sometimes portraits to. I created this platform (Nomad's Tales) with some great plans which you will start seeing in near future.

Thanks for visiting on my blog. I will come back soon with more stuff. Thanks. N.K.

Stay tuned for more!!!

This blog is a collaboration between Nitish and Anthony, donated and shared on, free of charge!

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