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Music Journal 3/5/2021: Commercial Free Listening Experiment

While listening to some music on Rhapsodic Global it dawned upon me that Youtube removes commercials for playlist that are shared to personal websites, which gave me an idea. Not that I want to take anything away from the artist who made the music, but I struggle to enjoy music when every other moment I am being beckoned to purchase or learn about some product or cause. I decided to start sharing weekly playlist to Rhapsodic Global so that I and others can listen at our leisure, without commercials.

Despite working to create an advertising network myself, I truly take issue with a lot of current advertising practices. I do understand that free streaming is a privilege and advertising helps streaming sites make money. The best way to support artist and listen to their music ad free would be to buy their music of course, but not everybody has this option. Also, we often must listen before deciding to purchase music for ourselves. Is it possible that the advertising is taking away from the effect of the music and ultimately hurting the business of the artist?

Advertising is infiltrating every aspect of our lives, from blaring at us through gas pumps to potential talk of beaming ads directly into the human brain, big companies follow us around and remind us of the items we may have looked at online or conversations we had privately with friends. At Rhapsodic Global, we offer a different approach to advertising by simply experiencing people and brands then introducing them to others when appropriate.

Thus, we don't aim to mechanically insert products into your awareness via technology. We get to enjoy music when we listen to music, and we place our ads all in one convenient place for you to find when you want to find a product or service. It seems simple, but for whatever reason the largest companies on Earth still don't recognize the value of human interaction, but enough about advertising.

I'm going to start providing playlist to our website weekly. I already create playlist and send them to my closest friends so they can have an idea of how I'm feeling from time to time. So might as well share the playlist here where people can listen for free, without being subjected to ads. Please, if you like the music you hear on these playlist, head on over to Youtube to discover the artist and navigate your way to their websites.

When you listen to these playlist, I hope you understand that I'm not necessarily making any specific statements with the choices of music. I pick the songs because they reflect my feelings in some way or another, but often times I don't know what the songs mean beyond what I'm feeling which can also be vague. I truly just love music, both listening and writing as well as playing music all give me great joy and help me feel content.

Music is indeed a powerful and sacred medium, I hope the songs can offer some support to website guest who might need something to listen to. May these playlist bring you the healing they bring me as I carousel through the rhythms and hymns gifted to us by the artist. A lot of songs that impact me were shared by friends, anytime you think of a song you'd like me to listen to please post it in the comment section below any post.

Remember that I do not own the rights to this music, this blog post is donated content and does not contain sponsored material or fulfill any commercial purpose. I suggest navigating to if you want to support their payment to the artist, or more effectively finding the artist website and purchasing their music or merchandise directly. I find creating music playlist to be productive for my well being because it helps me process my feelings.

As always,

Thank you for reading about productive interest on

I do not own the rights to any of this music. Find more information about the artist by clicking the song title on the top left of the Youtube widget..

This Thoughts & Blogs post is donated by Anthony DeLuca of, to be shared on!


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