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My First Video Promotion! Indepth Perspectives Hosted by Anthony DeLuca

Thanks to the help and encouragement from Quantum Star TV, I’ve been gearing up to venture into film creation! Some of my friends and family know that I make music, well I‘m proud to share that I am now also making video! I made the beat, filmed video and pictures, then put it all together on Filmora by Wondershare. A lot of great things are coming together for Rhapsodic Global in 2022! I hope you enjoy my very first video promotion, ever!

I‘m excited because the experience is opening my mind to expanding on the amount of ways I can promote productive interests. I believe broadcasting film through Quantum Start TV and associated streams is an opportunity not only for myself, but for Humboldt County and the Rhapsodic Global network as well. With Rhapsodic Global, we've come a long way from "Sharing Passionate Interest" at networking events and shows.

Rhapsodic Global is indeed inspiring innovation in my life as I've grown from a rapper with mediocre production skills to a promoter, musician, connector, an actor, a farmer, consultant, blogger, and now a producer of film and music. I had more fun with the video production program than I ever did producing music. My hunch is that it's more the timing than anything, I was never meant to do just one thing and now it's all culminating.

I've always been the friend attempting to motivate and encourage others around me to do great things. I believe in people, especially when I get to know them and see their passion. I know that we are all capable of doing great things, exactly the reason I've set out to create a new and competitive advertising concept. We don't sell information, we share your story and provide services to help you succeed because we know the value of working together!

I'm grateful to be working with Quantum Star TV, Crystal Luther helped come up with the name and graphic designs for the show. Crystal is offering her services to other people in our network as well, we plan on continuing to work together as we develop. Quantum Star TV is bringing us a new frequency of broadcasting, and I'm elated to share that they believe in me enough to show me the ropes and invite me into their streams.

They've offered me to have creative control over Indepth Perspectives by allowing me to choose my own sponsors. This is a creators dream come true, the ability to choose who we promote and having the responsibility of writing and producing our own program without someone telling me what I can and can't do or say. I use the words we and our because I truly need my community to get involved with our work.

I love Humboldt County, and have seen it show many colors throughout the past near 20 years that I've been here. We have a diversity highs and lows in our history and we have a ecosystem of clashing values such as nature preservation and logging, counter culture and new age liberalism, conservativism, homesteading, local commerce, and that many various arts and expressions and business ventures of those who know the value of our resources.

It is my hope that all of you will allow me the opportunity to not only promote the area, but to learn the story of how we got where we are. I believe we have a lot to learn from the indigenous cultures of the area, first and foremost. Humboldt County has seen and done a lot to be in the position we're in now, now that the world is pulling back the redwood curtain I want to make a point to share our values and support the place we all know and love.

I believe cannabis legalization represents a major socio-economic shift in the world. I'm looking to my community to help realize this vision. There has to be a way to keep our freak flags raised high while the world pours into Humboldt like an ocean of tech and resource related interest. How can we make in impact in the world, as opposed to having the world turn Humboldt County into another corporate wasteland?

I know that sounds grim, but I also know many of us live here because we've been there. We chose to live in the redwoods with all the rain and small town effects. We choose to live nearly 6 hours driving away from "civilization." We're rural, and many of us love it that way! I'll do my best to support our local cultures in an effort to preserve the aspects of our home that we love, and then take the experience with me out in the world to make an impact.

That is my plan, it's always been the plan with Rhapsodic Global. We are creating a place to share productive interests so we can inspire one another and collaborate. I've always known we would establish our network here, and then move out into other communities both attracting tourism and encouraging others to preserve their environment and develop their productive interests, basically allowing Humboldt County to lead by example!

I know we can do it, and there's so much work to do from here. I can go on and on in this blog right now. It's funny because up until I made that video up there I was experiencing writers block on the Indepth Perspectives update. I realize that I can’t say it enough, it’s time to do my thing and earn my place to promote local businesses worldwide. So I'll close this blog post with some pictures of our old site, some new stats and a promotion for anyone wanting graphic design help.

Crystal Luther from Quantum Star TV does great work. For example I shared with her a vision I had for the Indepth Perspectives Logo, and she created it better than I could have done or even imagined myself. Crystal is wonderful to work with, and her hearts in a great place she truly wants to support positive change in the world. Contact her for graphic design help by emailing

You can also contact Crystal Luther with questions about our television program! Go to to see some of the shows they've got already streaming on there. is where you can sign up to sponsor or be featured in our show. And you can promote your productive interests along with stories about your connections and communities at!

Please consider donating through my Paypal or BTC Address, and leave a comment below with some of your first thoughts after reading all of this. I hope you enjoy the pictures from the first version of our website, and I hope you enjoyed the video promotion. I know it's going to be fun developing the Indepth Perspectives Television Program, so I hope you'll join me in creating a show we can enjoy for years to come!

Paypal me at
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Thanks for all the great memories and all of your continued support.

Images from our oldest website with one new graphic inspired by it seen in the gallery below.

This promoblog was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be shared on!


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