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Ness at Great Clips Santa Cruz, CA

Check in their website to get your hair cut today.

It's always nice getting your hair cut by someone who considers the art of cutting hair. I went to Great Clips in Santa Cruz, CA, and Ness is exactly that artist who cleaned up my awkward head and beard. We talked about our passions, and she told me about a band she booked for the Wharf to Wharf event happening in Santa Cruz next week.

Turns out her cousin started a band called Amplify the People. She spoke highly of the band, this blog will be my reminder to check them out. I like Santa Cruz, everyone has said hi to me as I walk around all day. I spoke with a gentlemen named Hugo while I waited for my hair cut and he explained to me that the elite want to eliminate the ne'erdowells.

He told me to follow through with my idea to create a social advertising blog sharing productive interest because he feels it is a good way to combat systemic extermination. It means so much to me that anyone would believe in my social programming. But as fate would have it, today is the day a fellow writer reminds me to write because I love to write and no other reason.

It's true that I write because I love writing, wait til you find my music and lyrics and then you will see what I'm truly all about. I am honored to learn about what others love to do, and I can find pride in my duties as a writer to share the stories that inspire and illuminate my life. So when you come to Santa Cruz, come to Great Clips and get your hair cut by Ness because you read it here.

Thanks for supporting my productive interest, and allowing me to support others with your donations. I am feeling extremely inspired to share what I learned in the tourist town of Gatlinburg, TN when I get home to Humboldt County. We're going to be doing things a bit differently, and theres your sneak peak into my soon to come efforts at influencing the influencers.

Anthony DeLuca

PS - Here's a before pic just to prove she did a great job. (Like you haven't noticed I needed a hair cut.)

This promo blog was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be shared on, free of charge.


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