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Rhapsodic Global Newsletter 2020

Hi everyone,

I am grateful to be writing all of you. It warms my heart to see several people I recognize as well as many I haven’t met who’ve signed up to join our website and newsletter. I started rebuilding the website from scratch a couple of years ago, for some of you the platform and design is completely different than from the last time we spoke about this.

Consistency and balance are some of the ideals I’m striving for lately, along with savoring each moment of the journey day by day working on embodying my passions. The passions I speak of are writing, music, freelance farming and various odd jobs, and of course adding content to our website.

I’ve added several forms to our website for anyone who wants to have their content added. I intend on checking form submissions once every evening. Click any of the options on our Join page to get started. The options are as follows: Blue Moon Newsletter, Promotion Request, Custom WebPage Processing Form, and Become a Connector.

Take note that Rhapsodic Global is donation based, having your art or small business promoted on our site is free but the catch is a Connector must be the one who puts together your promotion and publishes it on That being said, our Connectors have the right to refuse services or make suggestions about potential sponsorship or optional donations to be paid for their work. (Sponsored post must be labeled as such according to the law)

Most of the time, especially if someone uses the forms to help me organize the post, I will be willing to promote arts and services etc for free. I want our site to service as many people as possible so that we can make an impact. I will surely contact people who fill out our forms before promoting them to make sure I get a full look into what we’re promoting. Likewise, I invite you to see our Connections and the new Communities pages that have been added.

I still have lots of work to do on the site, if anyone wants to utilize any of my services promoting or to donate to the cause it would help greatly! I had consistent work all summer and still barely kept up on maintaining bills and health, so I understand if donating isn’t in your budget. At the moment I am helping a friend with a film gig in Los Angeles, and working to sell some promotions and clothes including hoodies.

Generally I am seeing more and more people come to the site, so I know the model works as well as I am seeing how powerful word of mouth is for advertising our connections. I’m always open eared to opportunities, and ready to suggest a connection I’ve made through Rhapsodic Global! When our site gets about $400 in donations, I will buy the web builder from Wix when it goes on sale and that will help us boost SEO and get free ad vouchers etc, plus it will look more professional when people view our network.

I am truly feeling grateful to be alive and healthy, and I am also sending my prayers out to all of you. I hope you’re all staying healthy and maintaining some sense of whatever you need to get through the times. I didn’t mention the pandemic in all of this newsletter, but I’m sure we’re all seeing the world change. This is where I say that I still believe our model for a different approach to advertising can help the situation, not the mention the social dilemma!

Thanks for reading, I look forward to more connecting and sharing productive interest. Reach out anytime!

Anthony DeLuca

PS – Learn more about my adventure to LA and the film project on our site!

This Blue Moon Newsletter is provided by Anthony DeLuca, donated to be shared on!


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