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Shopping Local for the Holidays, crafting gifts with Infuzions, Arcata, CA.

With only a few days left before Christmas, I want to share an event featuring local crafts and artisans in Arcata, CA. Infuzions is a wellness center that opened on the plaza, who allows local artist a place to connect and share their crafts. I met Michele who was hosting a Holiday Pop Up Market where my step dad was selling glass. It's good to see a business open in Arcata that aims to bring the community together. I spoke with Michele who said that she has a similar mission as Rhapsodic Global, to encourage people to do what they love.

Indeed there were people there sharing their passions and crafts for the holidays. Infuzions is the right place to find artist, and locally derived cannabis wellness products. Their website boast a large network of farmers who provide the highest quality sustainably grown cannabis from the emerald triangle for their wellness products such as bath bombs that I have heard great things about. Home made gifts, whether made by yourself or by someone else, the extra care put into the product or craft can be felt any time of the year.

Remember that shopping local is important because it keeps money flowing in your home town, raising the quality of life for everyone around us. When we spend our money at big chain stores, most of that money never makes it's way back home. Please go to the Holiday Pop Up Market at Infuzions in Arcata December 21 & 22, and meet my step dad Rob who will be there selling his hand blown glass art. Spending time with your community, celebrating the things we love to do, that's the holidays here in Humboldt County. Happy Solstice, and a very happy birthday to my step dad, thank you.

This promoblog was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be shared on, free of charge!


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