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Today Jeffery Epstein was announced to have committed suicide, August 10th 2019.

The news that Jeffery Epstein committed suicide is a big deal. People all over social media have a lot of reason to speculate upon conspiracy theories that either his suicide was really a murder or if he had even really died at all. The reason for such scrutiny is that Jeffery Epstein's case for child sex trafficking involves numerous high profile people in politics and entertainment around the world.

I'm not going to get into all the details of who accused Jeffery Epstein, or any of the other names being brought up. Though I definitely believe anyone who hasn't heard should be paying attention to this story. A quick search of Jeffery Epstein's name would show that he has been accused of trafficking minors for sex acts to high profile people all over the world. Oh, and Jeffery Epstein was a billionaire which means he was powerful economically.

What I want to say with this article is that social media has allowed this story to get a really wide amount of coverage, really fast. Social media has its draw backs, like the social amnesia that inevitably will come. Still, many of us remember that the El Chapo trials happened within the last year, and that the Panama Papers story came out almost a decade ago even though I don't believe anything happened. We even remember that Wikileaks already told us about the pedofilia and corruption happening in Washington.

To so many of us in America, and around the world, something just hasn't seemed right ever since "911" which is coming up on its 18 year anniversary this September. The Patriot Act among other developments such as the NSA, and surveillance technology in general have created an intense atmosphere surrounding the internet. We've all become more aware of these problems in the world, and the world's powers have increasingly become aware of our daily lives.

I find it really interesting that my post about Epstein's death showed me no notifications, even though people saw it and reacted at least in the first hour after posting. My brand of conspiracy theories tends to be based on subjective observation, though I wouldn't call it a productive interest. What I have noticed myself doing in the last week though, is that when a post states something about the ongoing power struggles and criminal acts against humanity, I just ignore it but keep a mental tab open.

I'm beginning to believe in human beings and the power of pattern recognition. It seems that many times the mainstream media looks to gauge public reactions, people evolve over time periods short and long to adapt and survive. It seems like every generation of new kids become more immersed in the corporate culture while also preserving their human spirit. I'm not sure where this is all headed, but I believe in Rhapsodic Global as a solution oriented program that could be the next surging wave in the evolution of social media.

When we become tired of ranting about the things that makes us feel bad. When we've locked up the criminals and balanced the scales of justice. When we are finally ready to raise the beam, that is when Rhapsodic Global will become the prime opportunity for social growth and technological innovation. We already helped inspire a school program called Learn To Acheive, there's no reason to think we can't do it again. All I have to do is keep following my productive interest, and write about all of these things that have happened and will continue happening.

It was hard for me to remain focused today, barraged by the Jefferey Epstein story every time I went online. But overall I feel society is making a step in the right direction. I hope that we continue the trial even though he is dead, and that we can look into flight records and other details that will bring the truth to the light, and set us free. I suppose this article is a reminder for me to what is at stake. If I don't write about productive interest, how can I help create a common interest in each others success?

How else will I encourage people to share their hobbies skills and services on a website rather than social media if I don't keep up my own? I don't believe I could, and you know what, through out my life I have lived with a sense of purpose. I have always believed that where there is a will, there is a way, and I don't give up. I'm all or nothing, and it has recently become interesting to me that over the past few years it has been very difficult for me to stay active in this dream. I could go on and on about the weird and chaotic experiences that have stifled my progress but no.

The truth is our only limits are in our imagination, and that when we work together we raise the bar past our own expectations as our projects become bigger than ourselves. I invite all of you to help me make Rhapsodic Global the best social advertising blog that will support our projects and elevate our passions. I hope you enjoyed tonight's blog about social media, and how small the world is becoming. Look forward to stories about the small business mall in Gatlinburg, TN, and an update on the CBD farm, as well as some local Humboldt County promo. Always stay vigilant, and look out for each other when it comes to developing happenings in OUR WORLD.

Sincerely, Anthony DeLuca

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