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Let's Keep Talking About the Trickle Up Economy

It's just an idea really, instead of bailing out banks and industries, give all or most of the $timulus to consumers and make big companies earn it back. I say it earn it back because the bigger the company, theoretically the more taxes they should be paying for every employee just like a small business would, right? At the moment we are expected to earn a wage for doing the work that makes these large companies possible, often times they get away without paying taxes and make major profits.

And I understand that big corp needs money to run their operations too.. In the case of banks who charge overdraft fees as a penalty, if they are legally allowed to do that instead of what makes sense; just freezing a person's card to help them stop falling deeper in the hole... These banks oughtta keep all that overdraft money safe, and use that when they fail. I know I'm not the only person tired of seeing the American people drained into the greatest heist of mankind The American Economy-*(Is that really a fair accusation though?).

They bleed the value out of the dollar until we desperately accept digital debt bonds with no backing. The American people go from protected by Centuries old literature that has helped us correct many immoral behaviors through out our history, to about as safe as the citizens of Uyghur in a matter of weeks. That's what I'm afraid of. If we the people want to be in control of our own lives, I think we need to at least stand up against bad laws and get creative to make better laws or at least better cultural values..

A lot of people love convenience, the ugly truth is there is no such thing as true convienence. You can cut corners all you like but eventually the steps you didn't take catch up to you. I'm no expert at pretty much anything, but I still think common sense can ration supply and demand. If these companies have the supplies and profits in the bank accounts of their CEOs and share holders, they really should consider who helped them make that money before asking for more.

We as Americans need to be more aware of where our taxes are going, and/or more importantly who we're giving our money to.. We are all guilty of supplying assistance to slave drivers and authoritarian regimes. We dream of living free in the country, but we don't make our own shoes or manure. We have the knowledge it would take to create a massive back to the land movement, even to the point we could very likely steward land from useless into bountiful.

Well, I'm beginning to rant and still all of this is just ideas really. Reminds me of the time I got an anonymous texter after I wrote about Epstein, "Your “productive interest stories” are merely rants with poor punctuation. What exactly are you asking donations for? Where would that money go? Yelp has better reviews." I digress, I am sharing these thoughts because I want someone with some sense to tell me if I'm wrong or right. Perhaps conversations like these are productive if it means we face the problem and find a solution, so tell me what do you think?

Does it make more sense to give the most stimulus aid directly to the people, rather than big companies? Aren't we going to give them the money when they render services, anyway? Where is the record profits we've been hearing so much about? We give so much to these large companies and our country, they give us so much in return, but where is the line between service and entrapment? Yes I know this is a rant and it might not even belong here, but I really want to hear what people think..

Sincerely, Anthony

PS I woke up to find this morning that I was charged an overdraft fee the other day, even though I got money in before the end of the day. They're system said the money was accounted for over 3 hours after I put it in, and I had to argue to get them to refund the overdraft because I know what time I put the money in. They only refunded a portion of that overdraft fee back, how ironic that I would basically get $6 stolen from me the night after I write this. Sometimes I get anxiety publishing this type of literature, I don't want to provoke retaliation from those who protect their money. I just want to strike an honest dialogue about how we can solve reoccurring problems in society.

Now is the time to have conversations like this, in fact I'm seeing people post similar points all morning. Thank you.

*This post title has been edited to reflect the collective discussion about proper economic stimulation being had right now.

This Thoughts & Blogs post was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be shared on, free of charge!


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