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Trip's first trip to the city of Los Angeles, CA

When I first met Trip, he was the most rambunctious dog in his litter. I didn't have a name for him yet, but felt something bright would be appropriate. I considered spyre, fire, lit, none of those names really sounded like names. I just knew getting a dog would really light a fire under me. The reason his name became Trip is because I was really intent on figuring this website out, and I promised him we'd travel the world together.

Well, we made it to LA! Who knows what will happen? Let me start by asking your opinion, where should I go to give Trip a bath!? It took quite a bit of budgeting for me to feel confident coming here. I came to visit family because the opportunity for a ride down coincided. I saved up from long days of work, and I have a budget while I'm here.

Learning to budget has been a great experience for me, and I already stopped at a store and cooked my first meal. Those who know me understand if I can master the art of budgeting, many of my dreams and goals could become a reality. But simply to get back on subject, I think Trips ready for a bath, don't you?! Please send a donation to spur a blog about Los Angeles, grooming Trip the dog.

I'd like to do a promotional blog about the place I end up taking Trip for his grooming. One place said it would cost about $53, I didn't tell them about the blog yet. Maybe if someone has a friend who wants free promotion, please connect us because I would like to make it a great experience. Any suggestions, along with a donation, and I'll put a shout out to whoever helped in the next article, along with a fresh picture of Trip!

Venmo $60 or more to @AnToneDL if you want to help pay for Trips bath. I could use any extra for a haircut and wardrobe of my own. Please recommend me your favorite place to groom a dog in the Los Angeles area. We are also going to experience a dog beach, and I'll be walking him around different areas throughout the week. Trip is so far excited and taking in the new experience. We both look good already of course, but I want us to look great!


Anthony DeLuca


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