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Virgo Rising: Small Healthy Lunch Option in Blue Lake, CA, Raising Funds for Blue Lake Parks and Rec

I want to take a moment to tell people in Humboldt County about a small but wholesome lunch option in Blue Lake, CA. Virgo Rising Food Bar is a fundraising entity created by Mardi who volunteers her time to provide food of high nutritional value for fair prices, donating all proceeds to Blue Lake Parks and Recreation. Located at Perigot Park right behind City Hall, you can find Mardi at Virgo Rising Tuesday through Sunday 11 - 5.

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Virgo Rising is inspired by the astrological sign, Virgo, which represents the seed of purity within each human soul. Associated with Ceres, the roman virgin goddess of cereal grains, fruits of the earth, and harvest in general, these are the foods featured at Virgo Rising. My favorite items so far are the Cashew Caraway on rye, and the Four Seasons hot drink.

All of the food is fresh and fulfilling, feeling good from pallet to gut and even for the soul knowing you're supporting a good cause. Parks and Recreation is a staple in any small town, and Blue Lake is about as bright as they come with the Mad River near by as if you needed any more reasons to go out and enjoy yourself...

Here are some of the programs you will be supporting as you enjoy Mardi's tasty treats: summer camp, skate camp, the Blue Lake roller skating rink, murals being painted there now, Pastels in the Park which is happening August 1st, and the community garden which is open for the public to gander onsite.

They need a scissor lift for painting walls if anyone has one, and wants to help!

Mardi is fairly new to Blue Lake, she once ran a similar business in Mt Shasta called Alpine Oasis. I had a nice chat with Mardi, and a couple sweet visits with co workers during our lunch break. Each time I've gone to Virgo Rising I felt satisfied and nourished, the snack bar by the baseball field is definitely a nice little oasis, and a great place to recharge.

I was also able to chat with Nathan who manages parks and rec, he let me know that while shelter in place orders have effected summer programs it is still worth giving them a call to see what's going on. Summer and skate camp are both happening now, when we spoke there were still slots available, anyone who's interested can find more info on Blue Lake's website.

I hope this invitation to eat at Virgo Rising in Blue Lake finds you well, take care!

ps - As you will see in the pictures Virgo Rising is cash only, social distance friendly, and accepting volunteers!

Click the map for directions and enjoy your meal!


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