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hello! my name is Dianna Hardwick. I am a city girl (Chicago) gone country. My husband & I settled in Humboldt county in the early 90's. Together we have grown a mom & pop cleaning business that operates in Humboldt, Mendocino, and Lake counties.

In early 2016 a dream was born to build my momma a tiny house. Together with friends & family we got it done in 2 years.

After that project the Covid narrative infected our nation & my website became a holding place for political issues, mostly happenings n Humboldt. Here in Humboldt we know true health wellness here and masks, vaccines, and isolation are not it! I felt compelled to share articles on oxygen, sense of smell, government run health care, and a lot about civil rights.

After a year (3/2021) of the "public servants" ruling the citizens of Humboldt as tyrants the need for a freedom group was born, We are a freedom loving group based on our supreme law of this land, our constitution. This team of independent individuals are willing & able to work with anyone interested in collaborating, educating, and creating the reality we need here in Humboldt based on our true laws and nothing more or less.

We have rights under our constitution and it is our duty to educate the masses to remind them, inspire courage, & to motivate people to stand up for themselves, and each other. Please join the movement? It's for humanity & we are all included. We all matter, we all have talents to share and a part to play.