Social Media Marketing 

     I can increase your social media page visibility and build you target audiences using facebook pixel and marketing tools!

Here is a list of the services I offer (expanding..)

  •      Correctly install a Facebook Pixel onto your website for tracking your web traffic back to their social media, and re-targeting with sponsored ads. 

  •      Bring organic traffic to your website with a blog post, telling people and friends through word of mouth and online, and coming up with specials and events together. 

  •      Increase Facebook Page visibility by building your pixel base with marketing tools, such as re-targeting links through other relative websites and recapturing those who visit your website.

  •      I will become familiar with your business goals so that I can serve you personally, offering feed back, content editing, leads, and advertising on an as needed basis. 

  •      I use creative solutions to engage the community, and carry out task that we come up with together, which brings a positive value to your business.

  •      I will study successful ad campaigns in your related field, and utilize connections in my network to create great ads and opportunities for your business.

     Adding a Facebook Pixel to your website will allow Facebook to re-target people who viewed your website with sponsored ads, keeping them in the loop with your specials and events. We can increase your Pixel audience and increase your page visibility. The usual goal is to drive web traffic to and through your website back into your business, using social media to periodically reach out to your customer base. 

     The pixel tracking really makes a big difference because it keeps tabs on people who have already shown an interest in your website. When you post on your page and through sponsored ads, you can create audiences based on age and demographics. But the pixel allows you to build audiences based on your website traffic, and even other websites.

     Contact me and I check to see if you have a Facebook Pixel installed correctly on your website for free. I also offer web development services, we can consult over whether we create you a website or a custom web page depending on your needs. If you would like to learn how to install a Facebook Pixel yourself, it is free, you can start here and I highly recommend it.

     I will be happy to serve you, we can write up a contract and get right to work! One of my strengths is that I will always carry a positive attitude, and a willingness to get the job done. It is my pleasure to support people in their goals while also doing what I love. It's an honor to be able to say that between me, this network, and the internet we could very likely move mountains. 

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