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AnTone Dope Logic

     Hey everyone! Welcome to my Custom WebPage on Rhapsodic Global. This is where you'll find my latest music, blogs, and the promotions I write for my connections. 

     I have been writing all my life to organize my thoughts and feelings, lyrics became a passion in my later teen years. and on September 17th, 2008, I decided to devote my life to writing music. 

     I found my outlet as I began learning how to rap and dance. I wouldn't have found my voice if it weren't for all my friends and family who listened to me sharing every song, often multiple times, giving me their feedback on how to sound better.

     The name "Dope Logic" was ordained to me by Joe from Chicago when he presented to me a shirt with the Dope Logic logo. I was sharing a song about picking leaves off of pot plants at a trim scene in Humboldt County. 

- AnTone Dope Logic.

Urban Dictionary defines "Dope Logic" as the thought process of someone who is excessively baked or stoned. 


This Custom Web Page is provided by Anthony DeLuca, for his own music known as Dope Logic,