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We're here to change the advertising paradigm

We're on a mission to create a common interest in each others' success. But there's a little more to this story. We started Rhapsodic Global to solve a problem created by the larger corporate social media sites.

What's the problem with social media?

The current advertising paradigm is invasive, pervasive, troublesome, and downright annoying. Social Media sites tend to favor their larger corporate sponsors who can afford the coverage, and shadow ban ordinary people who promote their arts and services. 

Our solution for artists and small businesses

Maintaining our own websites is essential not only to marketing ourselves online but for protecting our freedoms of expression and commerce. With this knowledge, we've built a website of our own to promote productive interests. 

Our website doesn't monetize information 
or invade your privacy

Our social advertising network operates as an Independent Promoters Association, and is donation based. Contributors join and share content about their connections and communities. We use a vetting process to verify authenticity before publishing multi-media stories to our verified blog.


Connectors are vetted to ensure alignment with our site mission before being granted access to publishing in our verified blog. Everyone here is independent, representing themselves or their organization outside of Rhapsodic Global. Rhapsodic Global is a Private Membership Association. 

Help by sharing your story,
supporting our connections and communities,
or become a connector and write with us!

You can also help fuel our site mission with a donation, we've got plenty of short and long term goals, we will pay it forward to our connections and communities!
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Subscribe with your contact info and we'll reach out. 

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