To change the advertising paradigm

     We're on a mission to create a common interest in each others' success. But our network didn't form on accident, our mission began when we noticed a problem with social media and advertising. 

A solution for artist and small business

     Let's face it, social media giants may not be going away any time soon, but we don't have to put up with our "like pages" and post being throttled. All we have to do is create a place specifically for us to promote and collaborate together. 

We have a plan!

     Bare with me here, we start by creating our own websites in order to publish our content intentionally and creatively without being censored. For those who don't wish to create a website but want to support what we're doing, we can make you a customized web page on our site that helps you with your marketing. 

     Next, we utilize word of mouth along with other forms of marketing to bring traffic to our websites, realigning with our productive interest in the process. It's easy to spend a lot of time on social media just scrolling away, in retrospect our network is designed to encourage creativity and connection. 

     We're vetting a team of "Connectors" who will write about their connections and communities to inspire one another, connecting like minds and opportunities in the process. By taking great care into determining who can share content on our site, all of our stories will be authentic and based in experience. 

     As we grow with more connections and connectors, we will cover events and productive interest stories in more communities across the world. Each of our connectors operate their own business and donate content to our site, giving them total freedom to be themselves. 

     We only have one rule for connectors who share content on our site, besides from the obvious not allowing liars and scam artist to write with us, we ask that people do not share divisive content in order to maintain integrity to our site mission which is again to create a common interest in each others' success!

     We don't sell your information, we're not following you around through your phone, and we're not preforming psychological studies like those other networks.. We're creating a website that promotes inspiring content to support all of the amazing things people are creating locally in your town, and abroad. 

There's no limit to the things we can do when we work together.

Help by letting us share your story,

supporting our connections and communities,

or become a connector and write with us!

You can also help fuel our site mission with a donation, we've got plenty of short and long term goals, we will pay it forward to our connections and communities!

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