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     Globally we encourage people to think locally. By creating community pages for each place we visit, we become familiar with various connections from different cultures. Our goal while working with communities is to provide a space for each place to be inspired by one another. This section will grow as more people join our site, and promote their communities! 


     Each Community page will share local Connections such as news agencies, artists, businesses, promoters, tourist destinations, schools, radio, entertainment, government, and more! Use our site to get involved in your community by attending events, reaching out with your ideas, and collaborating with others who share similar interest.

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We started in Northern California. The community here in Humboldt County is inspiring, free spirited, and resourceful; driven by environmentalism, striving for sustainability, birthplace of the Cannabis Revolution.

Eastern Tennessee is winding rivers through beautiful back country roads nestled into the Great Smokey Mountains, the people are sweet and the food is delicious. The weather is humid and wet bringing lots of insects and critters! 

The City of Angels is ginormous, full of creativity and very diverse. Some parts of Los Angeles are very relaxed, putting the cool in California's chill. Other parts of Los Angeles are busy, humbling, boujee, all societies of people sharing an oceanside desert in a world class cultural powerhouse.  

The Inland Empire combines San Bernadino & Riverside County's, in Southern California. Extreme weather, dust and dirt rule every crevice, yet the high desert is teeming with life. The smell of BBQ permeates the evening air, dirt bikes roar in the distance, and the night sky pushes down on city lights.

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If your community isn't here on this page it's because none of our site Connectors are familiar with where you're from. 

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