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Connecting with Rhapsodic Global

A brief description of what it means to Connect with our network, by Anthony DeLuca

Finding my life's passion has helped me in countless ways. My joy for writing has become apparent over and over again throughout life. I've used writing to organize my thoughts, and express myself creatively. I would define my writing and rap music as a productive interest because I see it as a personal growth and development - exercise.

When I meet new people, I tend to ask them about what excites them or what they enjoy doing, as opposed to asking them about what they do for work, though I hope they are one in the same. I believe the best way to get to know a person is to get to know their passions. A personal revelation comes to me that Rhapsodic Global can be used to document what people love doing, that by sharing the stories of those who are following their passion we can all lead by example.

The Connections in our network have all been met and interviewed by a Connector from our website. You can read about people and the things they do on our Connections page. Follow the links to their websites, and get a personal look into the things people are passionate about. Please reach out to the Connectors, Connections, and people you know who are passionate about what they do - and show them your support!

Our goal with each post is to offer the reader an experience, whether they choose to read into a person's productive interest for inspiration, or follow the links to that person's website and eventually work together. We also have no intention of tracking our website users movements, we do not sell your information to advertising agencies, and you will never find any ads on our site that are not specifically Rhapsodic Global promotion blogs..

Thank you for connecting with Rhapsodic Global.

** Keep in mind that those who post comments, and in our forums, may not always be associated with any Connectors from our site.

This blog was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be shared on!

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