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Moonstone Beach, Northern California, USA

Moonstone Beach, in Trinidad, CA is a beautiful place to visit or bring family in Humboldt County. Featuring the Little River mouth that rearranges the landscape daily with the ocean tides, safe for people and animals to swim in.

People have generally agreed that moonstone is dog friendly, so please don't bring your dog if it is not okay with other dogs, and remember to pick up after your animals.

*Always pick up your trash, and clean up after yourself when visiting parks and beaches, thank you.

Anthony DeLuca

ps - See this link to learn more about Moonstone Beach and other nearby beaches in California,

"Trip and Melody running together" Photographer: Anthony DeLuca

"Trip chasing birds majestically" Photographer: Anthony DeLuca

"Get eem Trip!" Photographer: Anthony DeLuca

"Ahh" Photographer: Anthony DeLuca

"MoonStone Rock" Photographer: Anthony DeLuca

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