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Jenni Nexus

I've met Jenni a few times now, and interacted with her online through facebook for quite a while. She has always been friendly and polite, ever diligently sharing her progress in the 3d development world. Read what she has to say below, and see her website to witness her creative process.

Jenni says, "Hi! Jenni here. I'm a technical artist & variety streamer who's learning Unity 3d & game development skills: 3d - modeling for game art & prints, voice acting, and other skills related to creating games. My background is in art modeling, fire dancing & I pursued aerial arts training in San Francisco before meeting my partner and moving to Humboldt for a view in the Redwoods while skill-building. Live-streaming my creative endeavors & game play on Twitch is one of my other passions, and anyone can interact with me & ask questions there." !!!

ps Look at this pendant Jenni designed for me and Rhapsodic Global!

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