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J. Smo (BUNKS)

It's an honor to share the work of Joshua Smotherman here on Rhapdoc Global. Josh is very active with his pursuits, and an all around great person. We met when he came with Mr. P. Chill and Whorrifik to do a rap show at Blondies in Arcata, CA.

J.Smo is an emcee, producer and songwriter originally part of the Manchester, Tennessee Hip Hop collective BUNKS; which is an acronym: Bringing Unmatched Noise Knowledge & Sound. Now in Sacramento, California, J.Smo is focusing on new music, his family and building MPC Recording Company, a Hip Hop label co-operated with Sacramento veteran Mr. P Chill.

J. Smo released 3 new albums on Feb 28th in celebration of his birthday. Click the links and read a little info about each of the 3 projects below: (Authored by J. Smo)

Modern Day Griot: the beats were produced by my Tennessee friend Tonedef tha Killa except for Track 7 which was produced by Young Harm (Eugene, Oregon). This is a precursor to my unreleased full length solo album. My full length album will be titled The Joshua Story but I recently had a label ask me not to release it because they want a chance to listen to it first; they are interested in working with me and want to see if this particular album is a good fit.

Simmer: this is a CD I put together to sell on tour but then I had to back out of the tour due to personal reasons. It’s not an album really but more like a compilation of tracks I recorded that had never been released. Beats produced by Mr. P Chill, my Tennessee family Fell Peepz and a couple beats by me.

Words Beyond Measure: this album is cool because its bilingual. I wrote and recorded it with my friend in Denmark, EKD. He raps in Danish and English which gives the album it’s bilingual aspect. The beats were produced by me, Denmark based producer JAW and DJ Sage the One who is Phoenix, AZ.

I picked up a few usb devices with J. Smo's music on them when he came to Arcata. I'm going to send one in the mail to the first person (in the U.S.A.) who comments on this article, sharing it publicly. Thanks for reading, and make sure to check out J. Smo (BUNKS) at!

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