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Myles Bullen Eats The Map

When I first met Myles Bullen, he was teaching me and a few friends who introduced us how to juggle. Today he told me that juggling is the most satisfying skill he has, that juggling helps us de-compartmentalize as our brain re-wires new connections. An example of this to me is how he later says "You've got to drop the ball sometimes" after making a point about the necessity of failure, coupling two different ideas into one statement.

But beyond juggling, Myles writes amazing poetry, teaches at risk youth about having outlets such as creative writing. He also inspires people to follow their dreams as he travels all around America in a documentary called "In Travel We Trust." Now Myles is putting miles to a tour of his music around the United States called Myles Eats The Map, and his music is constantly improving so I'm excited to see him play in Arcata, CA.

Myles knows the host of Word Humboldt, Dylan Collins, who puts on a open mic poetry night at North Town Coffee every Tuesday. I didn't know there was going to be an open mic happening too, but after the initial shock I signed up to share a song after Myles set. I strongly suggest that you listen to Myles Bullen's full performance in the video above, and check him out in the interwebs at

His music inspires me to utilize literature in expressing myself especially now, as I've been less active writing songs. It's an honor to share his website, where you will find his tour dates and up to date information about his journey and music. I have so much respect for him to be teaching kids, and giving his soul to people through his music.

A few more details worth sharing are that Myles secured a gig teaching middle school students, and performing his song Confessions while performing that night. We also had a random person named Steve approach us at breakfast to tell us how great the show was. Steve even came back to share a poem with us too. Let us celebrate, connect with Myles and send him support for me, please and thank you.

Here are a few words found on Myles Bullen's website that will describe him more:

Who is Myles?

“a transient poetic rapper, who when not touring, is gallivanting around Portland, Maine playing a ukulele and beatboxing . his unorthodox music is influenced by indie rappers, singer-songwriters, and spoken word poets. Themes weaved throughout his music touch on addiction, anxiety, and narrative abstract story telling. Myles performs in a wide range of environments including educational spaces, community arts venues, juvenile prisons, rehabilitation centers, music festivals, poetry cafes, indie rap basement shows, backyards, and house concerts. Myles’ language art has led him to travel through 45 states to get vulnerable in front of living people.”

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