Commercial Free Listening Experiment #3, Music Journal 3/22/2021

I do not own the rights to any of this music. Find more information about the artist by clicking on the song name at the top left of the Youtube widget.

Hi everyone, here I go again another night of homework felt appropriate to put together a quick music list to enjoy and play with the noises. This week has had some interesting dialogues over the very real and intense changes our world is going through. It felt good to dig into my roots a little bit, and pull some of my favorite dance tracks off an older mp3 device for a new commercial free playlist.

I've been alerted that "Safari" browser only plays a couple of the tracks, and then urges users to listen on Youtube where they can interrupt your listening with ads. I suggest downloading a browser like DuckDuckGo, which actively blocks trackers from following your internet activity and allows our non-ads experiment. There has been some unsubstantiated rumors that Google bought DuckDuckGo, but as one Quora user named Grow Jam suggest, Google might need to let some alternatives exist.

I started this experiment to provide a solution to being bombarded with ads on Youtube through sharing a little free commercial free listening experience once a week. Just the other day I was watching the Governor of Texas discussing the border situation, and Youtube interrupted the thirty one minute video with advertising nearly every two minutes. I once purchased Youtube Premium, but I stopped paying for it the more I became aware of Google's use of censorship.

I won't get into all that now, I just want to share a little joy and get to work. My goal is to have a couple blogs scheduled to post on their own by the end of the night. This way, I can live my life and share the stories without leaving huge gaps in between publishing. I am really excited to announce that there are 5 promo request in our inbox right now. Each one of our new connections brings something new and interesting to the network.

So stay tuned and enjoy productive interest content right here on!

Picture is from CERN in Geneva Switzerland, click here for more info, shared for non-commercial purposes this photo not only reflects CERN's relationship with India but some of my own personal feelings and likely much much more.

This Thoughts & Blogs Post is written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be shared on!

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