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Cyborg Recordings

Vibe Aeon has experience in every realm of the music business, always making music for the love of it. Naturally, he's taken his experience and connections to create a music label with people he's met over time. Their music label is mostly electric dance music, going by the name Cyborg Recordings.

I've taken some time to listen to the artist on the label, and write a short blurb about each. Click the artist names to go to their pages, and enjoy!

Astro Raph tunes are a bit funky, space to jazz out to, definitely got me grooving somewhere cerebral. I could write to this type of music, and might just do that later for fun. Body moving music.

C-Mign drum and bass breaks smooth, a cool crunchy teleportation into some of my favorite memories of spy games and fighting dance/chase scenes. Very well put together, and pleasant to listen to about perfect for gaming.

Ganemyde is as if a house full of plants secretly made music while their people were away doing their chores. The plants raving away, doing their energetic dance of high qi, pretty creative and bright. Playlist seems to start in the afternoon and go til sunrise.

Nice Nate has nice bass, his music forms air sculptures in the room. I can practically smell the essence of all nighters, that musky aroma that persist late into the dance show. I could definitely put this on, and fade away into time well spent doing homework.

Vibe Aeon is the master synth man blending technical experience with compulsory curiosity into very creative mixes. Grab your hoops and flow toys when you put his music on, it'll be sure to keep you on your toes. Vibe Aeon is the owner of Cyborg Recordings.

HRVST the jungle, music from the Jurassic era that will have you plotting your escape through the woods away from society for better or for worse. First thought that came to mind when it started playing was something close to "Right in the middle of a reptile zoo."

All fun listening, I'm so grateful to know people like Vibe Aeon who see the importance of sharing common interest with friends on a private website. He has offered to help me with my mastering in the past, and he's always sharing his knowledge about music production. Cyborg Recordings has a sister label forming, called Analog Ghost who will explore the sonic territories of analog instruments.

Tune into Cyborg Recordings, check out their news section for current events and to see how they're climbing the top 100 Beatport charts in the dubstep category. I look forward to sharing more promos about Cyborg Recordings in the future. Rhapsodic Global has an opportunity to contribute to their store getting a little cross promotion going. As always, thanks for reading about productive interest on Rhapsodic Global!


Anthony DeLuca

This Promoblog was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be shared on, free of charge!


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