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Everybody Re Align with Your Productive Interest, LIVE

Ha! It is a wild time to be alive with millions if not billions of people being told to Shelter In Place by order of their local and central Governments. I'm currently watching a friend on Facebook Live playing music and making art at home. He says "I've been meaning to paint this for a while.." I can't help but notice there is a silver lining to the Corona Virus Pandemic sweeping the world as I write this.

In no way do I wish to down play the plights of those effected, either by economic issues or health problems and lost of loved ones. In fact, I will be taking a silence now for a few minutes before coming back to finish writing this. On the bright side society is being reset while we are asked to remain at home and keep our social distancing. It seems that we're all on time out, and being given a chance to evaluate how we spend our time.

I myself have already made major headway, by opening my mind to offering social media marketing services. I am finding a way to earn income at home which has been a goal of mine for a long time now. I want to be able to hang out with my dog, travel and grow our network on my own schedule, and serve productive interest. Plus, I've been making some music too, I'm always doing way better when I stay active with my goals and hobbies.

Let us take this opportunity to realign with our productive interest. If there is a book you want to read, read it. If you write, write, write like you'll be disappointed if you end up back at work with nothing new to share. We have this chance to look at our lives, and evaluate our place in the world. Perhaps we may find that we made ourselves vulnerable to all of this with our lifestyle choices, and then choose better.

Like it or not, it seems the world is changing right before our eyes, when we wipe the dream like state of shelter from our face we will see a new world emerges. It is unlikely we will get our privacy back, but if we can prove to ourselves that we are responsible enough... We may keep our ideals if we stand up for them, hopefully not by fighting, but by leading as an example creating and exchanging goods and services freely because that's our right!

Always speak your mind, get a dang website if you haven't already! We can rise up against censorship by networking together, and using our own websites. This is also the perfect time to become a Rhapsodic Global Connector, we need to hear about your Connections and Communities. We are ready to connect the people with the information and tools they need to pursue productive interest! Please, join us, contact me and we can talk anytime.

As always, thank you for reading about productive interest on

Anthony DeLuca

This Thoughts & Blogs post was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be shared on, free of charge!


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