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Platinum Studio Salon and Float Spa in Eureka, CA: Open For Business! My First Hair Cut in a Year :)

It's about time I got my haircut, it's been over a year! I went right back to Shawnatee at Platinum Studio Salon and Float Spa because the haircut she gave me last time worked out so great. The hair on top of my head doesn't grow as fast as the sides anymore so last time I asked Shawnatee to leave the top a little longer hoping the layers of my hair would grow more evenly, and it worked! I don't think my hair has grown to be this long since I was two years old, possibly because it always grew back awkward before.

Not only is Shawnatee able to understand my hair cut goals, but Shawnatee filled me in to knowing that the Platinum Studio Salon and Float Spa carries hair growth and repair products to regenerate lost hair! Zenagen, apparently less harsh than other hair loss treatments, works by targeting the cause of hair loss beneath the scalps surface and removing DHT. I actually plan on doing a few more blogs about some of the different products they carry, like True Union face oil daily skin nutrition, and SONA cbd for dogs!

Shawnatee, the owner of Platinum Studio Salon and Float Spa always sources her products through rigorous research to make sure we get the best. Featuring therapeutic float spa's, hair care products, grooming, massage, and wellness information, there are lots of services and products that you can learn about on the Platinum Studio website. Chances are you're overdue for some self care after sheltering in place all year, and now that everything is reopening we can finally visit the Platinum Studio Salon and Float Spa in Eureka, CA!

Go to to see all the services available and book yourself an appointment!

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