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Following my H.E.A.R.T.

Highest Excitement As Realized Truth. We hear it a lot to follow our heart, but some of the truth in that statement is that it means different things to different people. Many years ago I sort of geek'd out on one of those spiritual channeling types of media makers.

Darryl Anka would claim to be channeling a multidimensional version of himself called Bashar, that existed in a parallel reality. No matter the validity of that claim, I believe he explains pretty well what he's doing in one of his communications. He says that "Imagination is the key to higher mind" which I could paraphrase as imagination is the key to the [subconscious].

We know that the subconscious is more tuned into awareness than we could consciously comprehend. So to me it makes complete sense that Darryl would use his imagination to create a bridge into his subconscious sharing valuable insight. Though I digress, the reason I bring up Bashar is because I really got a lot out of his message.

My interpretation of Darryl Anka's message through channeling Bashar is that our beliefs develop our core perception of the world around us, defining how we react to experiences we are creating in the moment. Bashar states that we can create the life we wish to live by doing the work internally with our belief systems, determining if and how our beliefs are serving us and to change them if necessary.

Bashar says that excitement is like a compass pointing us to true north, and that when we follow our excitement we find our true self plus more excitement. There's a lot more to it than I am telling you now, Darryl's media channels are full of valuable insight into the metaphysical concepts involved with that process. I will post a link to his website at the bottom of this post.

Certain things about the Bashar presentation are invigorating as well, subtleties such as word choice and tone. To be honest I stopped listening after he began taking copyright more seriously. I hope that I've done a good job at promoting his work without stealing his words, but my point in doing so is to share something valuable to me.

I see HEART as an acronym, I follow my highest excitement as realized truth. It's definitely apparent to me that when I follow my heart, I go places beyond my wildest dreams. Though I am still working on my beliefs, I believe in being grateful for the journey. It's been a while since I shared a nice positive thoughts & blogs post, but I can see more coming as I make the personal shifts necessary to benefit from this platform.

I'll leave this blog with a video from Bashar, I'll try to find a good one though most of the good stuff is probably on Darryl Anka's website.

Sincerely, Anthony DeLuca

This "Thoughts & Blogs" post is not sponsored or even requested by Darryl Anka, this post was created on impulse by Anthony DeLuca of and donated to!


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