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Help Samyol Help Australia, Fundraiser

Samyol Soulfyre and I met through Myles Bullen, all three of us hung out and shared some rhymes a couple times. I've seen Samyol (pronounced Sam-Yu-Ohl) perform a few times as well, and his music is noteworthy heartfelt as is the presence he carries. His devotion to helping people and the environment allows Samyol to shine everywhere he goes.

Looks like Samyol is on his way to Byron Bay, New South Whales, to meet with the Rainforest 4 Foundation. Anyone interested can answer their Bushfire Emergency Call! Not only am I proud to see one of my friends displaying affirmative action in the world, but I know he is the right person for the job with a great attitude and lots of experience.

Normally Samyol is sustaining his own permaculture consultation business, and sharing his helping hands around the world! I look forward to sharing more details about Samyol's experience in Australia, and hopefully making him some custom web pages for his other projects in the future! Though, we can help Samyol Soulfyre help Australia now!

These are Samyol Soulfyre's words below,

Namaste! Can you please help me to help Australia? I am in Bali, ready to hop over in a few days to help rebuild habitat and rehabilitate injured animals for the month of February, but now my travel money is unavailable.
I am already on my way to help, hands on, to rebuild habitat for wildlife and people in desperate need in Australia after catastrophic wildfires. I just need a little extra money for travel, food, place to live and materials to grow plants and heal animals and people.
Your money will be well spent, I have 10+ years working experience and a degree in Wildlife Conservation Biology, 10+ years in Permaculture, and I run my own Permaculture business transforming Overgrown Fire Hazard Brush into Food Forests in California, working all day and night when I am motivated.
My travel money is running out because the work I did for Permaculture Fire Prevention, Transforming Fire Hazards into Food Forests in California owes me $5,000, and is delayed and unavailable due to a working client’s losses and bad luck.
Thank you for your help!!
Together we can rebuild the world we wish to see and live in. ✨🔥❤️🕉🌿🍇🕊✨


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