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Humboldt Hip Hop: Dawning a New Chapter with The Hip Hop Congress

Harley Demarest live art, The Epitome Gallery Owner Jullia Finkelstein, and Ruffian at the Fatbol Cypher located at The Epitome Gallery in Old Town Eureka, CA.

Proud as I am to be a rapper at heart, tonight I stand on the shoulders of giants in Humboldt Hip Hop (HHH). For as long as I've been into music, I've respected the hip-hop of Humboldt County. I remember back in the day when cyphers were held on H Street in Arcata at the Down Town Arcata storefront. DTA provided an underground outlet for the third generation of Humboldt hip-hop, representing a unique time in Humboldt County history. The inside joke was that DTA stood for Don't Trust Anybody, as that was a different time for Humboldt County when it was still a very private place to be. With the exception of Garth Culti Vader, pretty much everyone was keeping their cannabis crops a secret back then. When DTA closed in 2015, Ethan the store owner felt it would be good for the culture that Fatbol Clothing take over the space. FATBOL the logo design came to be in 2002, inspired by The Humboldt County Freestyle Kings who kicked in the door for Humboldt Hip Hop to take root and create a movement for so many artists to come. The Fatbol Cyphers began there until the Fatbol store moved to G Street across from North Town Coffee on the other side of town. The Cyphers are now held both at Fatbol and at The Epitome Gallery in Eureka, CA.

Tonight we're celebrating a new chapter, as Humboldt County has been through so much and the scene remains strong getting stronger every day. We have so much talent in our rural area, it felt like we needed our own Green Carpet at The Epitome Gallery Fatbol Cypher for all the locals who came out. We all came for the cypher, to exercise our passion for music and to support our community. And to celebrate being inducted into the Nationally acclaimed and internationally recognized Hip Hop Congress! The Hip Hop Congress Inc is a 501-C3 Non-Profit dedicated to spreading cultural awareness.

Tonight's featured artist was Area Sound, well known family oriented locals rapping with the ever present and always fantastic DJ Goldylocks. Area Sound's Zach Zigzilla told me that the Hip Hop Congress is well respected for connecting scenes from around the country and putting in work to teach the masses about everything Hip Hop. The show was conscious, inclusive, raw and fun, it's no wonder Humboldt County earned it's own chapter. All mentions here deserve their own dedicated story, which is why I respect David Haynie with HipHopHumboldt for documenting and publishing podcasts on their website and all available channels.

This story wouldn't be complete without giving props to Brian Swislow who's deeply involved in making beats for all our favorite artists, creating a space for the scene to develop, bringing together DJs and Bands, starting Fatbol, and integrating so many names that I couldn't possibly fit them all into one post. At Fatbol Cyphers Nac One, the Cypher General brings serious ethic and talent to every single cypher raising the bar for all of us. Humboldt hip-hop's debut into the Hip Hop Congress from behind the Redwood Curtain started on this night at The Epitome Gallery in Eureka, CA!

I had the honor of meeting the owner of The Epitome Gallery a couple months ago; Jullia Finkelstein is the creator who says, "When art thrives the community thrives." As a group facilitator, Jullia has spent her career merging education and the arts to help people from various walks of life with mental health and wellness. When Jullia and I met, I pleaded with her to keep me in the loop because everything she's involved in represents Humboldt County values, the same values I've dedicated my life and this website to promoting. Jullia showed me at the cypher that I've been heard, and I'm so proud to show up for Humboldt.

Now. The HHH chapter of the Hip Hop Congress meets at both The Fatbol Clothing Store in Arcata and at The Epitome Gallery in Eureka. But This February 4th coming up two weeks from now is Eureka Arts Alive in Old Town Eureka. I want to invite Humboldt County to show up to The Epitome Gallery around 6:30pm to walk over to The Historic Eagle House for Radioactive's Art Show. See flyer for details, but Radio I'm told is a dope emcee and beat boxer who recruits and organizes for the Hip Hop Congress. As a recruiter for HHC, TSUMNU aka EMCEE Radioactive recruited the Humboldt HHC team and facilitated that formation of the chapter, let's get down to this show and show them some Humboldt hospitality!

It warms my heart to see our community being welcomed into The Hip Hop Congress. Thank you Brian Swislow for inviting me to the cypher, and to everyone who was present with their head held high. I feel inspired and empowered to begin producing music again, and to share this site with everyone by making a point to support and share everyone's music/message/vision to the truest way that I know how, with written promotions and expanding media, by making connections/memories in Humboldt County and abroad! AnTone Dope Logic signing off on this very special promotion for the place I call home.

This promotional blog post was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be promoted on!


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