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Innovative Garden & Hydro Supply in Maryville, TN

I called around for about 20 minutes before I finally found someone who knew a thing about drip line irrigation. That was James from Innovative Garden & Hydro Supply in Maryville, TN. He offered me to bring the hardware in question down to the store, so the following day that is what we did. I was very pleased to see plenty of products from Northern California, including FoxFarm and and Humboldt Hands in stock.

James told me that they really care about plants, showed me some cool preservation techniques which I snapped photos of. He showed Jamie and I a few interesting plants, and let us try a dab of sweet nectar from the Hoya flower. Not the type of dab most of my readers are accustomed to hearing about.

I really want to add all the photos to a gallery, but it will have to wait till I get to a computer. Please enjoy all the photos at the end of the blog. Jamie pointed me out to the kittens in the shaded garden, and they were all sleeping, very cute and goes along with our kitten theme in TN. I know y'all love cat pictures, but first know that James from Innovative Garden & Hydro Supply loves his work. He says "When you love what you do, it isn't work."

Please check out their website, and know that you can go to them for all of your gardening needs in Eastern Tennessee!

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Call them to ask for a preserved flower for yourself or loved one, when I asked they said they might sell them in the future.


The Pencil Cactus


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