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Quit Smoking with Judith Hughes: Licensed Acupuncturist in Arcata, CA

I've recently had the pleasure of meeting a local acupuncturist in Arcata, CA. This promotional post is a bit personal for me because I am going to divulge a little about my own medical condition. I am a frequent sufferer of migraines, pretty much daily but it's not just that because no doctor has been able to identify the source of my problem. It seems as though my head is a bit swollen, and that swelling has been slowly dissipating over the past four years.

I don't want to describe how distracting and sometimes painful this experience has been, these pressure head aches are by far the most disorienting disturbing event in my life. I can't imagine what I might have done if I wasn't a more patient person. Thankfully, I'm pretty positive by now the swelling is indeed going away (getting better, not worse). Somehow, I've managed to improve my life during this time, so I know I'll be okay.

I met Judith Hughes, Licensed Acupuncturist in Arcata, CA; when she found a promotion I made for someone else. She wanted my promotion, so I told her what's going on with my migraines and she went to work. What I appreciate the most about working with Judith is her genuine curiosity and interest in discovering the root of the problem. Judith isn't offering me a generic migraine treatment, she's asking me questions and teaching me about how acupuncture works so that we can address the cause instead of the symptom.

I do feel that her treatment is helping me by "encouraging the process." But without getting too much more into detail about my own issues, and my migraine treatments. I want to share that along with 23 years of experience in the field of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture; Judith Hughes offers cupping therapy, chromeotherapy, herbal medicine, and distant healing sessions. We're going to be sharing numerous campaigns for all the benefits Judith can offer with her therapy here on our website.

Most recently, we created some flyers for her stop smoking campaign. Judith Hughes worked in a smoking addiction therapy clinic, and for the person who's ready to quit she knows she can help with two consecutive sessions in two days. It's not too late for anyone who wants to benefit from this offer; stop smoking special for $100 (33% discount) last through January 2022! If you're ready to stop smoking, or you just want to experience acupuncture and any of the other services Judith is offering.

Call now, or learn more about Judith Hughes at!


This promoblog was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be promoted on!

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