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Made it to LA

Yesterday I made it to Deon the Director Cooper's house in Los Angeles! Being in LA, I always get a familiar feeling from when I was a kid in the South Bay. I arrived at Deon's to meet the Director in person for the first time, though we are already familiar with each other after years of interactions and networking together online.

Deon welcomed me into his home as if it were my own, and since he was finishing up computer work I got straight to work as well making the Los Angeles page on our website. It took a moment for me to realize that I really made it, as I went straight to work on the computer I would look up and surprise myself that I am actually here.

Deon and I were both on our computers like friends who go to the same school, focused on our homework in each other's presence besides a comment here or there. Deon funds his dreams testing video games for quality assurance, and he leaned over to ask me if I had ever tried virtual reality.

I had not ever tried virtual reality, but I get a kick thinking about reality and virtual simulations being that as humanity becomes capable of creating these VR's we can begin to ask ourselves if it's been done before. Deon promised to show me later, and I will say it was quite interesting getting my 'VR legs' on.

As I was building the community page, Deon gave me a very well timed suggestion that I go for a walk and get a sense for how I'm feeling to document the journey. I just happened to have been looking through older pictures of LA for the page, and decided to take his suggestion. I went out on a mission to get a picture of the city sunset.

Walking out the front door I honestly felt as if I was in a virtual reality because everything happening leading up to being here now, it all seems to be synchronized in perfect timing. I find myself feeling all sorts of ways about adventures like this, I made it to LA where I will learn about film and experience my first small acting role!

Deon the Director and I talked later that night about our path into these titles we hold with pride, and the phases of our life that brought us into being passionate about our crafts. Deon told me about how he would bring a camera with him everywhere he went, and how in all of that filming it was the many mistakes that helped him grow.

We filled the fridge with food for the week, discussed a little about how we'll get started, and enjoyed the night playing a little VR and Chess IRL. As I sit here writing this now, it's the start to a brand new day and I feel grateful to be here where I intend on putting my full presence into being of any help I can to the production of Meal Ticket!

We did a little script organizing through the afternoon, and were off to enjoy some scenery!

This Travel Campaign post was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be shared on!


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