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Mckinleyville Annual Christmas Lighting Contest

With great pride I've been granted an opportunity to help share the word about this years [1st] Mckinleyville Annual Christmas Lighting Contest in Humboldt County! Keith Ownsbey, in partnership with the Mckinleyville Lions Club is putting together a Christmas contest worth getting excited about!

And no doubt the people of Humboldt County seem to agree. I first saw Keith's post to Facebook in Mckinleyville Community Watch, merely suggesting that Mckinleyville put on a lighting contest turned into a smorgasbord of support by community members offering donations and services to help this event come together.

Updated sponsors list and contest map will be provided after entry deadline, December 15th. (Click here to see on Custom Webpage!)

Keith Ownsbey and I got to have a chat, and it really was a pleasure hearing his story over the phone. He explained to me that he had such a great time decorating with his family for Halloween, and that the community showed him so much support for going all out, that he felt compelled to make the contest suggestion for Christmas.

Indeed and again, Humboldt County is really catching onto Keith's enthusiasm, bringing a public outpouring of interest and support. There are as of now 55 entries, $4,200 in pledges, and volunteers creating an assortment of promotional materials. Humboldtians are decorating the spaces in our hearts with anticipation.

In case you hadn't seen the Ownsbey Family Halloween decorations,

The Mckinleyville Annual Christmas Lighting Contest is well put together, featuring 1st 2nd & 3rd place prizes for 3 different categories allowing only one prize per household. Categories go as follows: best light show, best decorated, and best inflatables, with prizes to be determined as we get closer to the deadline.

Keith also included a Best Decorated Door Contest for those who don't have a yard to decorate, just remember to include a signed and dated time stamp with your door photo's. There will also be a digital map showing routes with all of the entry destinations for people to drive by and see.

I had to ask if this was Keith's first time organizing a contest because he really did a great job, even bringing secret judges from out of the area to give a neutral and tallied 1 - 10 vote for each category. At the end of it all they'll count up the numbers and calculate the winners, sounds fair to me!

A contact free event that we can all participate in from a safe distance, what a blessing for all of us in Humboldt County to be able to see each other shine this winter. Whether spectating or competing, it seems everybody is on board and excited about the Mckinleyville Annual Christmas Lighting Contest.

It's also a plus knowing that Keith really seems to love what he's doing, he makes it all the more fun promoting tools for decorating and even sharing step by step images of his family Christmas decorations. But not to worry, Keith will not be participating in the contest. This will be fun for the whole community, and it could bring hope to many others who might benefit from seeing Humboldt get creative during this abnormal holiday season!

Big THANKS to Keith Ownsbey, in partnership with Mckinleyville The Lions Club and everybody in the community who's shown their support for the Mckinleyville Annual Christmas Lighting Contest, including their sponsors!

Friendly reminder to all amazing sponsors that the due date for donations is December 15th! Don't forget to give your name at the bank and message Keith once it is paid.


1. Ownsbey Family - $100.00

2. Cali Lynch - $100.00

3. Mickey's Quality car's - $200.00

4. Seqouia Gas Company - $100.00

5. Tracy Hulard Shumard - $100.00

6. Bevs Real Kids - $100.00

7. Christina Jones - $20.00

8. Cabinets by Andy - $100.00

9. Sprouting Scholars - $100.00

10. Brant Electric - $100.00

11. Wright Management Services - $100.00

12. Heidi Moore - $50.00

13. Trinity Diesel Inc - $100.00

14. Nor Cal Tattoo - $100.00

15. Six Rivers Brewery - $100.00

16. Queen of Thrones - $100.00

17. Voyles Family - $100.00

18. Mad River Storage Center - $100.00

19. Spot to Spot Mobile - $100.00

20. Robin Alexander Bailie - $100.00

21. Roy's Auto Center - $100.00

22. Trillum Realty Group - $100.00

23. New Directions - $50.00

24. Care Center MACC Vet - $100.00

25. Solo Sports - $100.00

26. Foley Electric - $100.00

27. Pamlyn Millsap Family - $100.00

28. Humboldt Hot Sauce - $100.00

29. Miller Family - $50.00

30. Bar Nomadic - $100.00

31. Living the Dream Ice Cream - $50.00

32. Powers Family - $100.00

33. Shannon Hall - $100.00

34. Love and lavish Pet Spa - $100.00

35. Owens Family - $50.00

36. Hamblen Family - $50.00

37. Matsen Insurance Brokers - $100.00

38. Ken's Auto Parts and Accessories - $100.00

39. Dustin McCullough & Family - $100.00

40. Oceana Hook N Line Seafood - $100.00

41. Mckinleyville Grocery Outlet - $100.00

42. Creps Family - $100.00

43. Mckinleyville Ace Hardware - $75.00

44. Humboldt Beer Works - $100.00

45. Ming Tree Realty Mckinleyville - $100.00


More contest details:

Contest Email:

*Christmas Lighting Contest Entry Deadline: December 15th!

Categories: Best Light Show - Best Decorations - Best Inflatables


*Best Decorated Door Contest Deadline: Send Picture to Facebook Page by 12/22/2020

Pictures will be voted on by amount of likes through 12/23/2020 - 12/25/2020

Make sure to add your signed and dated time stamp to your photo!


Keith Ownsbey in partnership with the Mckinleyville Lion's Club

present the 1st Mckinleyville Annual Christmas Lighting Contest!

I certainly appreciate the dose of Holiday Spirit, so I'll be donating a Custom Web Page with digital maps and updated contest information to be published around the contest deadline! For now I am grateful to share this story, and so proud of my home county.

I hope y'all enjoy this video I'm adding to keep the anticipation rising, stay tuned!


This Promo Blog was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be shared on!


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