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Savion Polk, Lead Actor From Meal Ticket Gets A Custom Webpage and Becomes Our Newest Connection!

Savion Polk and I met under some interesting circumstances. I was recruited for a small acting role in a series pilot episode put together by Deon The Director, known as Meal Ticket. Savion is playing a lead role in Meal Ticket. In the pilot, Savion and I do a hilarious scene together where he chokes me. I don't want to talk about the series much more before it's out, but we had a ton of fun filming together in Los Angeles during Fall 2020.

When I arrived in LA, Savion Polk was there to pick me up at the bus stop. I probably spent about a week with him and the rest of the cast and crew. Throughout my experience meeting and working with Savion, he's shown to be a truly genuine person with a solid goal oriented mentality. Carrying a sincerity with him on set, Savion Polk is reliable rehearsed and ready to play his role.

It's an honor to help promote Savion Polk because I know he'll do a good job at whatever role he takes on. He's going to make a great star because he'll be an example to his followers of what a person can do simply by motivating themselves and doing it. You can find Savion Polk showing love to his followers on social media, crushing his fitness goals and keeping the moral high with sometimes funny and sometimes inspiring quips.

Anyone looking for an actor to consider in their next project, is where you'll find your lead role. Savion Polk can play the part of the super hero or the villain, he is a complex human being like anyone else but with superior strength and incredible character. He's capable of expressing a wide range of emotions. I've seen first hand he can be the person to strangle me, but I also witnessed how respectful and genuine Savion Polk really is.

I look forward to seeing the roles Savion Polk will play, and I'll keep sharing his story here on Rhapsodic Global!

This PromoBlog was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be shared on!


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