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Self care reminder at the Bayshore Mall, Eureka CA

Recently the Eureka DMV had moved into the mall temporarily. After work today, I went on down to handle some personal business. Then, while on my way to the food court I was greeted by a salesperson named Noa. I was impressed by Noa's professional personality and smooth sales pitch, even ended up trying and buying a hand scrub made primarily of Dead Sea salt. She pinched a sample out of her Selected Cosmetics Sea Scrub, dropped it in my open palm with a little water. And I began to rub my hands lightly over a clean white bowl.

Noa definitely caught me off guard, she got my attention with small talk and gradually built her presentation to this point where I was washing my hands. I wouldn't doubt that she has trained and found her element in sales, and she seemed to believe in her products so of course this happened naturally. I learned that the sea salt was from Israel's Dead Sea, and that the scrub would take off dead skin cells, unclog pours, increases circulation, while activating cell regeneration for a tighter fresher look. It makes me laugh thinking back on it, cause here I am with my dirty farmer hands getting sprayed with a light mist over a clean white bowl in the mall. My hands are definitely, noticeably softer now, though not as soft as hers I noticed when she shook my hand.

Noa asked me to tell my friends, which is exactly what I aim to do with Rhapsodic Global. I met the person who is passionate about their interest, Noa with Selected Cosmetics and D'OR24K at the Bayshore Mall in Eureka, CA. I tried her product, had a good experience, and now I am sharing her productive interest with you here. But also I am myself sharing her productive interest, so what have I learned from this experience? I've learned that I ought to use this salt scrub every week like Noa said so I can maintain a professional appearance of hygiene, which can be challenging as a farmer. I also learned that self care products make a great gift idea this year for the holidays, or whatever occasion.

So hurry down to the mall, and meet Noa for yourself, wash your hands get some scrub. Don't forget to tell Noa I sent ya, she will be at the kiosk near the pretzel place in the Bayshore Mall, thanks for reading my social advertising blogs.

This promoblog was written by Anthony DeLuca of, and donated to be shared on, free of charge!


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