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The small business Mountain Mall in Gatlinburg, TN!

I want to give a big thanks to Brian for bringing me out to Eastern Tennessee. It was my pleasure to be of assistance to the CBD Farm, and I am excited to share with you The Mountain Mall in Gatlinburg! The Mountain Mall is a Small Business Mall with only Mom and Pop stores, with the exception of Pepper Palace who has grown corporate since their beginnings in The Mountain Mall.

Brian himself, the manager of the mall, says he views the mall as a small business nursery where he can strategize ways to bring people to all the Mom and Pop stores inside. I think he's doing a great job because I really enjoyed the classic Smoky Mountain displays, and climate controlled temperature, it was so hot outside! One can find all the classic mall storefronts such as music listening and gear, accessories, food, along with new trend items such as CBD Hemp products.

Brian says he intends on adding more health and wellness options such as the Spa To Go and the Body Works. There's a good chance they'll be using their own CBD thanks to Jamie, in what could be a lounge of sorts. Their interest in health doesn't mean they aren't proud of their Gatlinburg Tobacconist who smoke fine tobacco in shop. I really enjoyed speaking with Rick, the owner who explained to me that if it wasn't allowed to smoke in shop they would do it anyway - tobacco retailers are excluded from anti smoking laws in Tennessee.

The vibe I got from everyone I spoke to in the mall is that they believe small Mom and Pop business is important for their community. They did the right thing by organizing to work together in the face of large businesses coming to capitalize on the Great Smoky Mountains. I honestly believe Humboldt County needs to look to the Mountain Mall for inspiration as we struggle to determine how to increase tourism capital. This blog is the first of a range of ideas I will be promoting for all of us in Humboldt.

I definitely encourage anyone who goes to Eastern Tennessee to see Gatlinburg, and stop in The Mountain Mall, to see an example of America's values sticking out like a green thumb in the corporate chaos. I hope to return to Tennessee some day, to continue getting to know Jamie and Brian, and to further promote these ideals in my home town. I know that Humboldt County aligns with the concept of a small business mall, and I am proud to have been able to experience it myself.

We should all respect and honor the freedoms we have, no dollar amount can ever take those away as long as we work together to live together that will be the truth. It's easy to forget that the battle for Mom and Pop is about freedom, we all have the right and ability to create services and products for our communities. Convenience is only nice at first, when it comes to business convenience becomes a life drain that in time has everybody trained into it's existence. Sometimes you got to work a little harder, spend a little more time with people, and look deeper to see the beauty in life and freedom.

Thanks once again to Jamie and Brian for having me out to Eastern Tennessee, I look forward to seeing you again soon!


Anthony DeLuca

As always, thanks for reading about productive interest at

I will never give up on my personal mission to create a common interest in each others success with this website. If you would like to help, invite me to your community like Brain and Jamie did. Send a donation to our website, all donations basically get funneled into the projects of people following their productive interest. If there is a specific campaign it will be noted, and there will be, but for now just keep doing the things you love and paying attention. I'm grateful to be able to share your interest, and to see you working passionately, thank you!

pps: enjoy lots of pictures!


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